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American Elderly at the Mercy of the Medical System

How the American Medical system can kill off the elderly with impunity: Attorneys refuse their cases, not because the harm didn’t happen bu…

Started by SteveLatest Reply

Breakthrough May Lead To Anti-Aging Drugs In Five Years

According to a prominent Australian researcher, drugs that combat aging may be available within five years, following landmark research.The…

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Distraction Can Improve Your Memory

Scientists Use Distraction To Improve Memory In Older Adults Canadian scientists have found compelling evidence that older adults can elim…

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Found this free Ageing Summit

I came across this free summit on ageing issues. Some may find it useful. If you think you will like it there are links throughout the text…

Started by Steve

0 Feb 24

Diet Soda After 60 not recommended.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society shows that increasing diet soda intake is directly linked to great…

Started by Steve

2 Mar 19, 2015
Reply by Ellen Ann

What does your Second Fifty of Life look like?

Check out the podcast interview with Frank Moffatt talk about the myths of aging  and the 5 Dimensions of life at:

Started by Pete Kauhausen

0 Mar 13, 2015


MIGRAINE RELIEVER:  Worth a try if you are a migraine sufferer. ½ a pineapple 3-4 kale leaves 1 stick of celery ½ a cucumber ¼ of a lemon ½…

Started by Yvonne

1 Feb 2, 2015
Reply by Luvvy

Positive Thoughts, Long Life

Older people who view aging in a positive light score better on memory tests, can walk faster, and have greater mobility Seniors with posi…

Started by Steve

0 Nov 16, 2014

Michael Fossel: Compassion is the reason to reverse aging!

Michael Fossel on Singularity 1 on 1: Compassion is the reason to reverse aging! by Socrates on November 5, 2014 During our 1 hour disc…

Started by Steve

0 Nov 9, 2014

Glen Campbell's Last Song

We saw Glen Campbell at the CNE bandshell a couple of years ago on his last tour. He knew at the time it would be his last performances, an…

Started by Steve

0 Oct 15, 2014

Why Older People Sleep Less

Older People Sleep Less. Now We Know Why. It's long been known that the older you get, the less you sleep. There are many proposed reasons…

Started by Steve

0 Sep 7, 2014

Why Walking Away Is Sometimes the Most Compassionate Choice

A short blog entry from tiny buddha:   I quote this blog by V. in its entirety because once you start reading you will not want to be inter…

Started by Steve

0 Sep 3, 2014

Against the Biological Clock — A Gameplan to End Age-Related Diseases

AGAINST THE BIOLOGICAL CLOCK — A GAMEPLAN TO END AGE-RELATED DISEASES To Aubrey de Grey, the body is a machine. Just as a restored classic…

Started by Steve

0 Aug 3, 2014



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"laura 52 hope the day went well and you have warmed up, new master chef grandchester and Mr Selfridge  "
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":o I saw my doctor this morning and dropped my trousers to show him the large boil on my backside. He looked a bit embarrassed and said "make an appointment at the office " and carried on with his shopping. :)"
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". Newly diagnosed with insomnia, I said, "Is it serious, doc?" "There's no need for alarm" he replied :)"
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"coffee time and reading time, finished Sanford Extreme Prey now to start Predator Wilbur smith"
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