Conrad Black is going back to prison.


Despite a personal appeal to judge Amy St. Eve, the Chicago court room determined that Black would have to serve an additional 13 months to the 29 months he has already served.


Even though he tried to express regret for trusting long-time business partner David Radler, the judge had no sympathy:


"I still scratch my head as to why you engaged in this conduct," Chicago Judge St. Eve said. "Good luck to you."

(via Globe & Mail)


Wife Barbara Amiel Black reportedly collapsed in her seat as the sentence was read.


Even though Black was optimistic about the legal proceedings regarding his fraud convinctions when he gave his talk at last week's ideacity — you can watch the full talk here — commentators have suggested that Black's failing was his own hubris:


As Black's unauthorised biographer, I have long wondered how someone who literally "had it all" could lose it all. In the late 1980s, media mogul and arch-rival Rupert Murdoch figured Black was a billionaire in dollar terms. Black is well known for his abrasive, belligerent and self-involved manner. He often gives the impression of living inside his own bubble, of remaining impervious to the world around him.

While behind bars from 2008 to 2010, he often referred to himself as a "guest" of the US government, someone who would never dream of committing a crime. He even claimed to be a public benefactor serving the cause of America's many downtrodden and unjustly convicted inmates. He repeated this Friday before Judge St Eve that he had been a "guest" of the US government.

(via The Guardian's George Tombs)


Worth noting is our own community's — in particular our Zoomers on Facebook members — take on Black's fate:


(via Zoomers on Facebook)


So what do we think of this latest sentence? Is Conrad Black a victim? Or has justice been truly served?


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It's evident that the people don't like anyone who has made it big.



Is he enjoying the initiation rites?  Ask Rick Mercer about that (his talk show appearance on George Papadopoulos in 2009-10).


Don't do the crime if you can't do the time




I cannot but admire the man and to me he is the embodiment of the poem 'Invictus'


Patrick MacKinnon

Victoria Bc

Hey, no one believes more in the rule of law, and in going to prison for the crimes for which a person is convicted than conservatives and right wingers.  No bleeding hearts, in that group, as I remember and no excuses.


He has been convicted by his peers.  He was proven to have robbed his shareholders.  The rule of law has spoken. Black doesn't even fit the criteria for a liberal's heart to bleed.  He was never down and out, and was always aware of the standards for right and wrong, the law, and community moral values. Judge St. Eve had a point.  He never showed any remorse.


So, by all counts, and by everyone's standards, he should be marched off to jail.  If he has as much class as Martha Stewart, he would just go and do his time and not waste any more of his and the taxpayer's money.  But he's going to keep on fighting, keep on spending money he has less and less of, and probably in the end, will end up doing the time anyway.


And Barbara Amiel, who was so proud of never being a loser, found herself at a loss.  

No doubt you'll be the first in line to buy shares in his next company.  Good luck.


Patrick MacKinnon said:



I cannot but admire the man and to me he is the embodiment of the poem 'Invictus'


Patrick MacKinnon

Victoria Bc

But but... he had the best lawyers money can buy!


For those of you who would call those of us, who are glad that someone  is actually serving time  as a "white collar" criminal, jealous... it is just laughable.  Money buys favours and fawning fans. (fanatics... admirers)  Sorry, but I can't be bought and may the banksters be next.  (The insider traders are a distraction)

Patrick, he has won you over and you are not alone.  


Consider this true story of a Welsh music teacher who was married with 2 children and was a Deacon in his church.   He had an incredible Tenor and of course had won many awards for his voice.   People were awestruck by him.   6 students, all male and 9 years old, suddenly began to do poorly in school, smoking and acting out.  It was finally discovered that all were molested by the deacon ...   His fellow parishioners were not just shocked, they were outraged.  "But he has a family and such a beautiful voice."  And so of course he was believed, until it was discovered that this was his third new home town in as many years.  His admirers let him walk away from his crimes each time...


Sometimes admiration is misplaced. 


I wasn't at the trial so I can't comment.   However, I saw on television showing him taking boxes and boxes out of his office in the middle of the night--hmm--sure makes him look suspicious.    He said he'd have to be a lunatic to be taking incriminating things out of his office knowing the security cameras were there.    Maybe he just thinks everyone is stupid--too stupid to figure out that something fishy seemed to be happening.  Or he really was crazy at the time thinking no one could prove anything without the evidence.

The word HUBRIS describes Conrad Black exactly: Overbearing pride, presumption, arrogance, excessive pride & self-confidence; that usually leads to the downfall of said person, who is Conrad Black.

His wife Barbara is a DRAMA QUEEN!!   NO sympathy for either of them.

You reap what you sow Black, it is called Karma and your criminal actions & disrespect for others have been brought upon yourself with the inevitable results in this life. Black thought he could ‘lord’ it over everybody as he saw fit without any consequences for his actions. All his bad Karma all resulted from his own bad actions, and he is responsible for putting himself in jail for his criminal activities. Remember, every action has a reaction!  Black should learn that every life has value and be shown respect, not just his life and his drama queen wife.

Thanks to the American justice system for putting Conrad Black back into jail for his crimes!


The question above is: Conrad Black: Back in jail again — do we care? Well, I do: I care. Do you know that there are over one million people in prisons in the United States of America? Perhaps it's that we don't care that there are so many.



Q:  And exactly who do you think put these 1-million+ convicts in the USA prisons?

A:  These lawbreakers put themselves into the penitentiary for committing a crime; theft, murder, sexual assault against children, women & men, fraud, racketeering, scams, shoplifting, muggings, kidnappings, etc.!  I hope you understand a few of the reasons.

It was the criminal’s choice, decision, and action to break the law, no one else’s. The police did their job & arrested the criminal, and the justice system of courts sent them to be incarcerated according to their directed legal responsibilities at upholding social control, and deterring crime.  In Canada, the criminal justice system aims to balance the goals of crime control and prevention and justice (equity, fairness, protection of individual rights). 

The innocent victims of these crimes have the right to justice & of seeing their criminal perpetrators pay for their crime(s)!

Conrad Black is back in jail for committing crimes against society. Yes I do care that he is in prison because that is where he belongs for knowingly committing crimes.  No one is above the law, including Conrad Black!!

44 south said:

The question above is: Conrad Black: Back in jail again — do we care? Well, I do: I care. Do you know that there are over one million people in prisons in the United States of America? Perhaps it's that we don't care that there are so many.



Yes, indeed.  The USA is number one in number of people per ratio, incarcerated.  It used to be Russia, then South Africa, but now the US really is Number One.  But it is not Conrad Black I feel sorry for.  He knew the rules, had the good background, was very rich already.  He did not need to break the law.  The ones I feel sorry for are the ones from impoverished, abused, poorly educated backgrounds who have been treated like garbage by everyone in their lives until garbage was the only way they knew how to act.  


I feel sorry for the marginalized and those of the wrong race, who when they committed the slightest misdemeanor, or happened to be at the wrong place and wrong time had the book thrown at them.  


feel sorry for those with brain chemistry disorder problems, problems with controlling anger and impulsivity, people with fetal alcohol disorder, who no one cared to have diagnosed and mentally treated when the problems first showed themselves.  


I blame a system that thinks you can abuse and humiliate a person into being good - that the more you treat a person like shit, the more well-adjusted citizen they will want to be when they come out.


And guess what folks?  In spite of all the evidence that it has not worked in the States, we are going to get one just like it in Canada if this government has its way.  You will not see your taxes go to healthcare, or better education, or job training, or services for the those with brain chemistry problems but you will see your taxes go to build a larger, more robust prison system and all the bells and whistles that come with it.


And yes, occasionally someone rich, powerful and well-connected gets to taste it.  No one from Wall St. yet, but Conrad Black at least.

44 south said:

The question above is: Conrad Black: Back in jail again — do we care? Well, I do: I care. Do you know that there are over one million people in prisons in the United States of America? Perhaps it's that we don't care that there are so many.



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