Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff — who lost his seat in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding — announced earlier today that he would be stepping down as his party's Canadian leader after an election that only saw 34 seats taken by the Liberals in the House of Commons.


The Liberals' defeat was the first time since Canada became a nation in 1867 that the Liberals finished in third place.


At a 10AM EST live television conference in Toronto today, Ignatieff had this to say about his resignation:


"The only thing Canadians like less than a loser is a sore loser, and I leave politics with my head held high."

(via Torontoist)


It's likely that the party will pick a caucus leader next week, and a leadership convention will be held in the fall. 


The candidates being tossed about for caucus leader? CBC is saying that the lone Liberal Member of Parliament still standing in New Brunswick, Dominic LeBlanc, is eyeing it. Meanwhile, Bob Rae seems to be the guy that CTV commenters think is ready to take the reins.


How do you think the Liberal Party will rebuild post-#Elxn41?



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Justin Trudeau as leader of the Liberal party.

The liberals need to talk to their members(base) to get a realistic idea of the kind of candidate that "real people" want, and less like the elites like Bob Rae want. The few longtime liberals I know did not like the way iggy was annointed.


 They have a great opportunity here to reset, with 4yrs until election. Listen to the people and they'll be in good shape by then. Remain arrogant, and letting the likes of Bob Rae call the shots, they will be in the same spot in 4yrs.

The Liberals didn't lose the election because of the party leader. They lost this election and the previous one because they stole forty million dollars from we the people, and then thumbed their noses at us and walked away laughing. When they pay us back the forty million (with interest) and a few of them go to prison, we might consider them for office again.


44 south


It's true, there is no rush. The field of candidates has been dramatically trimmed. I like Justin because of his youth. He'll have at minimum 6 years of experience of his own; when you include his advisors along with his father’s friends and advisors, his foundation is set in Liberal tradition, and solid. His personality will shine with the same charismatic appeal born out of his mother and father..

Bob Ray has age going against him.


44 South, is that your name, or is that what you hide behind when you sneak out of your closet to bash. Another proud Conservative left over from the Reform Party...The Liberals lost. As a long time Liberal, I`m not surprised!

I wonder who ended up with more money, the 50 people that you want to see in Harpers new jails, or Mulroney himself. PUBLIC inquiry and all..

No need to get nasty Donald. The Liberal party needs to know why they don't get elected. The jig is up.


And yes, my mother named me 44 south. What do you think?


44 south

The Liberal party and Ignatieff did not deserve this outcome.  He has better foreign experience than Harper and would not alienate foreign diplomats a la Harper.  There is a reason Canada did not win a UN seat for the first time - and it is not anyone else's fault except Harper.
Plus which what happened to the surplus the Liberal Party left Harper managed to decimate it and put us into a deficit.  Of course for individuals who are far right or far left a centrist party would not appeal at all.

This "surplus" the liberals continue to use as a talking point has been debunked as a crock. The surplus was achieved, in part, by stealing $57 billion in EI premiums. The Supreme court of Canada ruled 7-0 that the funds were stolen from the taxpayer, but told the taxpayer to pound sand if they wanted their money back that the liberals stole from them. Linky


 Of course most of the rest was achieved by axing transfers to the provinces. They are actually the only party to ever cut healthcare, which you wouldn't know by following the mainstream media when Harper was being attacked for not doing what the liberals are the only ones to ever do.


 How much of the current deficit is a result of spending that the liberals and/or socialists demanded in order to get their vote? Don't get me wrong, I have been disappointed with Harpers spending, but to lay it all on him, especially in a minority government that just went through a major global recession, is awful simplistic, to be kind.


Mary Ann Baxter said:

Plus which what happened to the surplus the Liberal Party left Harper managed to decimate it and put us into a deficit.  Of course for individuals who are far right or far left a centrist party would not appeal at all.
I was thinking the same?

Kathy said:
Exactly what is untrue - please tell us.

margrace said:
If you repeat an untruth often enough people will begin to believe it.


Stats Canada did a recent survey across Canada and the question Canadians were asked was; why they thought the NDP won so many seats in Quebec & northern parts of Ontario, Toronto etc.?


Most Canadians said it was not an NDP crush & popularity, but rather a complete rejection of the Liberal and Bloc Parties.


A good article in the Red Star, even the publishers who supported Iggy are now caught trying it regain credibility and readership after his amazing crash and burn.

I do not believe Canadians completely rejected Liberal politics.  After all they did receive votes.  Unfortunately, we are now a more polarized country between far right and far left.  Liberals are a centrist party - so I would guess some Canadians are not interested in centrist politics and would rather have one extreme or the other.

Too bad as this could mean a great deal of damage to Canada.

oh for some form of proportional representation!!

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