That #Elxn41 sure is bringing it with the LOLZ! As we gear up for the last two weeks of the Canadian Federal Election, we were quite cuffed to encounter Vintage Voter, a "vintage politico" photo blog that's got us swooning over the younger versions of our federal election candidates.


So we thought: WAIT A SECOND. (Pause one beat.) If this election could be determined by only youthful brawn and beauty, who'd you vote for?


Actually, let's cut to it — which candidate is "hot" or "not"?


Stephen Harper

Hot or Not? (Click to vote — poll will pop-up in another window or tab.)



Michael Ignatieff

Hot or Not?



Jack Layton

Hot or Not?



Gilles Duceppe

Hot or Not?



Elizabeth May

Hot or Not?


Vote quick! We'll be closing the forum by Thursday, April 21 at 1 PM EST.


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