As we noted in a previous post, there are still some things to iron out with the site. One of the major issues that we are working on is the navigation bar. At the moment it looks like this:

We understand that it is hard to navigate in this form and want to assure that it will not be like this forever. This is how it will eventually look:

In the mean-time we thank you for your patience with the less than ideal navigational situation.

We also understand that by changing the wording and location of certain things in the navigation bar, you may find yourself searching for your favourite parts of the site. To help make this search easier, here's a crash course on the new sections:


This is where you can find other Zoomers and connect. View other users profiles under under Zoomers or join in on  the conversation in our Groups.


Basically everything that used to be under Forums is now under the umbrella term Converse. Here you can find the ForumsCommunity Guidelines, Site Announcements and the Welcome Lounge.


Here's where our community really shines. This is the space where you can share what you've made with our community. Photos, Videos and Blogs can be found under this heading.

Again, we want to thank you for your patience as we go through these changes. We'd also like to thank you for the feedback that we've received. You've alerted us to a number of issues that we are working on.

We will be sure to keep you in the loop with progress that has been made. Staff

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 thanks Zooomersstaff I know its not easy, but looking better

O.K. Thanks.

But what happened to Blogs?

Hi Joe, 

The blogs are now located under "Converse."

Joe Blow said:

O.K. Thanks.

But what happened to Blogs?

ZoomerStaff said:

Hi Joe, 

The blogs are now located under "Converse."

Joe Blow said:

O.K. Thanks.

But what happened to Blogs?

Sorry but there are no blogs under converse.

Forums, Site Announcements, Zoomers, Welcome, Lounge.

No Blogs

 Blogs are under create Joe!!

Thanks alexander.  Create is the place.

I find the easiest way to navigate this forum is to go to gmail and click on the responses.  It went right to your post.

and where is the chat area???

 go to personalize ,you get your page ,then go to settings  you should be able to change picture. settings top right of page last one  CreekEnd UK

CreekEnd_UK do not see anything there to do that they used to, may be the gods have not got around to it yet.

I am just a little member like you have nothing to do with just trying to help  ..



Hi CreekEnd_UK, When you're on your profile you can find the link to customize your page under your screen name and location. Here's a screen cap:
CreekEnd_UK said:

Thanks Alexander. It's really the opportunity to use a Theme as opposed to changing the profile picture I was looking for, especially the colour,font etc.

Is this possible now please?

Font if I know!!

CreekEnd_UK said:

Now I know it's a sunday in England and my brainCell in for a re-charge, but why do we have a choice of fonts etc and that makes no difference when we add the post?

All the nice bitz are lost and the size,line breaks etc are lost.   The answer is in here somewhere,innit?

Google, Holland taken by Son No. 2 when he was in there.  It's like IKEA he was never seen again.

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