Meet "The Boomerangs", AKA Your Pissed-Off, Still-Staying-At-Home Kids

Your parents? They were the "Greatest Generation". You and your partner were the "Baby Boomers". And your kids? Well, thanks to the economic downturn, they're the "Boomerangs".


NBC17 reports on the increasing phenomenon of university and college educated kids who are moving back home in droves after graduation.


According to a survey from "youth marketing firm" Twentysomething Inc., 85% of college grads will move back home. That's up from 67% in 2006.


Here's a clip from the news report:




The report talks to North Carolina State University's Career Center Director Carol Shroeder, who noted that even though employers are increasing hiring, the jobs posted may not be want students want:


"Some students say, 'Well, if I take a job well beneath my educational capabilities then I'm doomed forever.’ No, I think the hiring market will be much more understanding of why you had to take a job that was not a particularly good job,” she said. "I feel so sorry for their parents. It's very difficult. Obviously it's a good way to save money. It's a good way to get support."


But the kids aren't alright with that assessment. The story gained online traction when it was posted on popular social news site Reddit over the weekend. Here's select screen grab takes in the comments on the situation (click on the image to redirect to the original link):














So, in reading all these comments, it seems that:

  • The Kids Are Alright. Everyone's been affected by the economic downturn, and frankly, you don't mind having them live with you a little longer so you can keep an eye out & make sure when they do finally move out they make the right decisions.
  • The Kids Aren't Alright. They're pissed off at you without realizing all the sacrifices you've made for them. You worry about whether or not you can support them, your mother in the retirement home, and hopefully have enough for yourself left over.


What's your take on the "boomerangs"?


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I am in The Kids Are Alright camp, I see nothing wrong with moving home, afterall we do it when our parents age, or they move in with us  (well we should) ....what is the difference in a 20 something doing it if the need arises.  I wouldn't want mine being any place other than with me if she needed emotional or financial support. 

I'm with Bitsy. Further, I don't think the parents are complaining. Our daughter moved in with us after she graduated and found employment. We woulden't have had her do otherwise.



I have no problem with children returning to the family home following graduation provided they contribute to the household and the parents are pleased to have them there.  If they are unemployed and temporarily unable to provide financial assistance to the household, then they should be taking responsibility for non-financial aspects of the home such as cleaning, yardwork and cooking.  There are lots of 'good kids' out there, but I've seen far too many who think the world owes them something.  IMO, parents don't do their adult children any favours by taking them in and letting them continue to live as though they were still young school children.  Yes, it's a tough job market out there, but it's just as tough for the parents to keep jobs these days as it is for their offspring to get them.  Sheltering a child from reality isn't always a good thing, but getting them to share responsibility should help them deal with some of the hard knocks they may receive later in life. 


Please note that this posting is in response to the discussion i.e., it is not in response to any individual posting. :-)

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