I'm always surprised to see "big kids" in diapers. I don't have children myself, so maybe I am not really qualified to have an opinion, but I have asked (older people, that is) what they think about kids in diapers. The answers were unanimous. From 9 months to a year, potty training should be in place. By a year and a half a kid should be able to tell when to go. Yet a few days ago I saw three-year-olds in diapers. The parents are intelligent. The children are too, they talk and understand a lot.


I know from my mother, that my brother and I were pretty well trained at one year and a bit. A male friend said, after a year and a half his daughter was trained. My colleague said, at 9 months she saw her daughter in the sandbox looking down disgustedly at her diapers and she knew it was time to potty train her. Her son started later.


Of course promoting kids in diapers will boost the diaper business (and fill up the garbage dumps).



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Both my children were trained by 2 1/2 years old. I began training them early after a year and a half and they wanted nothing to doabout it, so I let it go but when they were ready, they were trained day and night within a week...Bottom line frustrating yourself and the little one with the potty training bring great stress to you all.

And who says that children have to be trained by a certain time.....
Children will be trained when they are ready and you have the time. It must be very hard for parents who both have to work. (Although working in a daycare for a bit means some parents just let the daycare do everything)

My son was a year old and so I thought I would try, I bought a potty and a potty training booklet and it worked a charm!

As I was reading Chapter 2, he sat and peed and then said look mom lol

Agreed on the diaper Companies... Goldman Sachs just bought into one of the Companies ... so that tells you about just how much money is to be made.

14 years ago I made my own diapers and put all the pooh down the toilet and nothing went into the landfills. I know I did my part, but the mountains one child makes, full of toxic pooh and chemicals in the absorbents is staggering. Nice to know our kids are contributing to the contamination of the earth because we care less about their kid's kids.

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