RIP MindJolt (AKA Help Us Create A Better Games Section)

We tried. We really tried. But alas, we regret to inform our Zoomers that the MindJolt Games section is currently MIA, and ultimately, RIP.


  • How did this come to be?
  • What can we do to fix it?


Here's our humble attempt at answering the above questions:


How Did This Come To Be? A Brief Time Line of MindJolt's Death


July 24, 2011: We, ZoomerStaff, received our first alerts from the community that the MindJolt Games were no longer working.


The common issue was the games suddenly requiring Adobe Flash Version 9, and a request to install said plugin. Despite everyone best intentions to do said upgrade — and even those that had Adobe Flash Version 10! — the games would still not load.


It's worth mentioning that is a custom NING social site, so when issues like this come up, we need to consult the folks there on how to resolve them.


So it was no surprise that on this same day a discussion thread on the Ning Creators community network pops up, thus alerting that this isn't a issue, but an issue that is affecting all NING-hosted community sites.


July 25, 2011: ZoomerStaff emails, the provided Ning contact for MindJolt. The email bounces. ZoomerStaff follows up with Ning's Support for a working contact.


July 26, 2011: ZoomerStaff receives a response from Ning's Support, which includes a proper MindJolt contact as well as the following explanation regarding the issue:

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue. We received another report of this issue yesterday, and I tested this out on my network and had the same experience you're describing. The MindJolt Games app is one of the Ning Apps, which means we have verified that it should integrate nicely with your network. It is, however, a third-party application, and there is, unfortunately, not a way for us to change settings within it if things aren't working as they should be. I believe if you were to download Flash player version 9, then the app would let you play the games on it without issue. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to download that version of Flash at this time. 


July 27, 2011: ZoomerStaff follows up with MindJolt and finally gets a response! Here's what they have to say:

Sorry for the trouble; we are looking into the problem and trying to determine if it is an issue with MindJolt or Ning. I fit is our problem, we will soon (in the next day or two) make a decision on how to move forward.


August 1, 2011: As we anxiously await feedback, we still kept our eye on that
Ning Creators's discussion thread, in case of of the members had better luck in getting a response.


And indeed, they did! Here's what Denis heard back from MindJolt:

Is your website part of Ning? We are aware of the issues with Ning and working the issue. We are hoping that Ning can fix it from their side. We made no changes to cause the breakage.


August 2, 2011: ZoomerStaff follows up with Ning, including this new piece of information. And here's the response we get:

I've checked with one of our developers and the issue that you're reporting and we've seen other reports of is not related to Ning or anything we can fix on our end. Since the error is continuing to occur without a fix, we've removed the app from the Ning App directory recently as a decision was made to no longer support MindJolt. I would recommend searching Google as there are several other game widgets that you can add to pages or text boxes on your Ning Network. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

As you can see, we're greatly disappointed in this situation. We apologize to our community that we can no longer offer the MindJolt games. But we are looking forward to figuring out a way we can bring games back to the site so you can continue to enjoy your time here.

What Can We Do To Fix It? The Solutions We've Got So Far


#1 Go To Other Sites To Play Games

Here's the thing. We're not exactly the only site you can go to in order to get your casual game on. MindJolt has its own functioning site that allows you to play the same games you enjoyed here over there. You can also check out these Games Room-approved sites: Big Fish Games & iWin Games. We'd be sad to see you go, but we understand what having a casual gaming fix is like, and wouldn't want to deprive you of that.


#2 Go To Other Sites To Play Games, Talk About Your Favs In Our Games Room Group

Are you a member of our Games Room group? Run by Laugh Out Loud group founder
Annette Tilden, this special group readily shares with one another game tactics, scores and new favs on the comment wall.


#3 Go To Other Sites To Play Games, Talk About Your Favs In This Thread & The Games Room Group

As Ning has advised in the above email, if we can Google widget versions of your favourite games, we can bring 'em over to We've also discovered another third party casual games app that we're awaiting feedback from Ning to see if it's a good fit. If you could help us in doing this, we can then build a far more customized casual gaming experience that could possibly improve upon the MindJolt experience, since you'll be the ones shaping it.


So, Zoomers! Please comment below with your feedback. We'll keep you in the loop as per usual in how this develops, but we look forward to working with y'all on resolving this.


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Hey All,


Quick update: In the meantime, we've uploaded HeyZap Games, which you can access if you click on the "Games" tab on our site. 


We realize this isn't MindJolt, but we're interested in what our members think of this. Note that this is a band aid solution — we are still interested in hearing from you what your favourite games are so we can go about building a customized Gaming section.


— ZoomerStaff

I don't know about anyone else but the Hayzap games do not load on my computer. The variety is good but the games themselves are not.

Hey Betty, thanks for the feedback. We'll look into considering another option.
I agree with you Betty.    The games aren't good.

There is a version of the Three Towers Solitaire game that I and several friends were playing on MindJolt, but I find the graphics for it are hard on the eyes.

I really miss the Bubble Spinner game too.

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