Has anyone been following Andre Picard's excellent article in the Globe about covering those drugs which are "catastrophically" expensive. Some drugs for cancer and rheumatoid arthritis fall into that category. Unfortunately, there seems little point in having these amazing drugs if no one can afford them.

Have a look at his two articles and let me know what you think.


Do you have any personal experience you can share? I do! With drugs for rheumatoid arthritis.

This is becoming such a pressing issue that perhaps Zoomers should get officially involved. There is no debate in the election about this issue. As the baby boomers [I am one] live longer and need these drugs, how will society ensure their availability?


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Before my brother passed away, he was taking cancer and rheumatoid Arthritis medication. Way out of his reach, even though he had a good job. He also had Green Shield, which would not cover the full cost..

I remember somewhere him saying he did get some help in the cost from the On. Gov.

It seems like the Medications we need for Cancer and Arthritis, the drug companies are just gouging us to death. They know we need the medication, yet they drive the cost above what the average person can afford..

I would not look forward to any of our Politicians for help, they'll tell you any tale you want to hear to get elected and in power.

That sounds really unfortunate and I'm afraid it is all that unusual. It makes little sense to have terrific drugs if no one can afford to use them. From the perspective of the drug companies, I would think they would want as much of the populace to have them in order to track their effectiveness. It takes a huge effort to make any impression with the government. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. 



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