Are you affected by Adult ADHD and what are you doing to overcome your disability?

Hi Zoomers:

I'm Ian Walker and I was diagnosed with ADHD in 1998, through McMaster University. I always knew that their was "something" in my learning process that wasn't quite right. I am not on medication and was last on "drugs" to aid my emotional well being in 1999. I have not needed any medications since then.

Now after having a very busy and rewarding career as an Arts Administrator, Marketing and Fundraising I will be 49 in 2009, I was wondering how other ADHD Adults are coping out there? What strategies have you used? How has your work life affected you and your relationships or family? Let's talk as ADHD Zoomers...and build a community.

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I've found that Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Reduction/Cognative Therapy is very helpful in dealing with my Adult ADHD. I'm hoping to help others who have similar conditions. So if anyone is interested in Mindfulness Meditation they can contact me on my Zoomer page or here!

I stopped medication years ago and cast my fortune to the wind.

Ive not done so badly either.

First thing I did when diagnosed in 1999, was get a grip on the positives.

I can do a lot of things and rather than focus on the "disability" itself I chose to surround myself with people whom I can count on to be capable of what I am not.

I embrace the difference and run with it in my natural direction as if it was a calling.

And like most of us I have carved out my own niche in the world that works for me.

I am a business owner so its a bit easier to choose who I work with.

But in the local Jag club I am president and the principles are the same.

I am a visionary and a bridge builder between people. I express what needs to be done paint the picture

and get the right people on board to carry it out.

Mindfulness Meditation is fantastic BTW, been through the course and it was great.

The most important thing is to calm down our minds that live in the fast lane and never stop working.

Critical thing is to allow others to catch up with our out of the box and occasional sideways thinking.

I would never want to live in a world where everyone was ADHD, but I wouldn't want to live in a world where no one was either.

Case in point Robin Williams was severe ADHD, Richard Branson... YES THAT Richard Branson is ADHD, We can all guess Howie Mandel, and just belive me when I say Ty Pennington is actually medicated when you see him on TV!

He would be really "interesting" un-medicated. The list of well known ADHD'ers is long so you are in good company.

We have a LOT to offer those around us who think in conventional ways, and they have a lot of balance to offer us. Even if they do think too slow and methodically and drive us nuts... LOL

What would we do without each other?

It would be a boring and very beige world without us!





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