I was wondering if some people could tell me why so many people are so opposed to contemporary christian music?

This discussion may have taken place before but I'm relatively new.


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Well, I can only speak for myself, not for others, but here's my take on it.  There is some controversy in Christian churches about so-called "Christian rock".  Some say "We shouldn't be diluting the message by playing rock", while others say "Well, if this is the only way to grab the kids' attention, so be it".  I, personally, take the former view.  I'm 66 years old, and I can't stand rock.  To me, rock is just noise.  So when someone mentions contemporary Christian music, I turn off.  Mind you, I do not judge anyone for the style of music they choose to listen to; rock is just not for me.  We have a local station in Seattle that advertises itself as contemporary Christian music, and I do not listen to it.  Since I'm a songwriter specializing in Southern Gospel, that is my favorite music genre.  Again, these are only my opinions, so I can only give my perspective as to why Christian music has never been that popular with the general public.  Whenever an artist delves into the Christian realm of music, their popularity decreases rapidly.  It's a shame, but that is the way the world is.

My Take -The music is just the medium, if the message is getting out that's what counts. Each generation has had it's own style. I don't like a lot of rhe new stuff, but I have trhe choice to change channels. I play several different styles, In playing my favourites over trhe years, I especially like Blues and Blue Grass gospel.



Eph 5:19:  "speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord."  I Cor 14:40:  "Let all things be done decently and in order."


Both of these scriptures apply to worship of the Lord on Sunday.  When one looks at rock and roll as a medium for Christian music, one must ask the question - will this style of music be in accord with the above scriptures?  As a professional musican/teacher, I must answer a resounding NO.  Why?


Rock and roll uses rhythms that come out of pegan backgrounds which causes one to want to "move" or  put one into a trance state and lose one's inhibitions.  How can one keep still while a backbeat drums away?  The natural inclination is to "dance" and usually in an inappropriate manner.  The tendency is to get "lost" in the music (rhythm).  This alone would exclude it from worship as we are to think on the Lord and share the truth of God's word in our songs.  So much of the rock music in Christian circles is highly repetitive which God hates see Matt 6:7.  We must keep rock and roll out of worship - I can see a soloist singing a truly modern spiritual song with accompaniment, but not the congregation as the music of a soloist is usually too difficult for a congregation to master on an Sunday morning practice session.  I did sing Christian contemporary music in church assemblies as asked by different groups, but I always chose the music and backbeat that was condusive to worship as laid out in Eph 5:19.  Rock and roll, heavy metal, etc. is caotic by design which again would exclude it from worship.

I hope I have given you some reasons why many Christians disapprove of rock and roll in the worship.  There is a place for it in the secular world as that is from where it is derived. 

As for the argument that it brings in young people - that is far from the truth.  What brings a young person to the Lord is someone showing him his need for the Lord in a loving and biblical manner.  Young people need to know that God is relevant in our world today.  This can only be done by developing a relationship with the young person and showing how God loves him or her.



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