Hi, I am really enjoying the music and find it really relaxes me when I am wound up or I feel tense. I was brought up in a household where classical music was what my parents played. So then when I got married and we stopped listening to it because as my children grew up they were into a different kind [ not what I like] now that I am 60 I feel I need the softer and mellower type of music. My two girls [30 and 22] are on their own and can listen to what they like without me hearing it. Ha! Ha! Heavy metal is NOT my way to go. Anyway I am here as a zoomer and I am enjoying my life. Hope to hear from a few more people about the music you like to hear. from Sally WalesCleveland

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Hi Jim, I am fairly new to this group as well, as of a week or so ago. I find the music played on Classical96.3fm so very relaxing as well. I am in my late 50's(59 in a few weeks, to be exact) and at the stage where I will listen to those older songs, and big band music(another favourite of mine) but when I just want to sit back and really relax, I tune into this station, and let it take me away! My son as well, loves that hard rock and sometimes 80's music (he is 24, but still lives at home) soon to be moving away though. Anyway, he is in his little music world, I tuned into mine. It gives me truly an hour or so of great relaxation, and I just love it. Welcom to this group, fellow zoomer. Brenda
I listen to 96.3 all the time in my car, especially since CBC2 began cutting valuable programs. I don't listen to CBC2 anyone. I still listen to CBC1 for the news and some of the interesting programs they have there. I am a composer and musician. I like most genres of music. But I especially like to classical music that I hear on 96.3.
Thanks for the opportunity to express my thoughts.
Hi everyone! I just joined this group and already I see that there are others who share my thoughts. I also have always listened to CBC2 and am very disappointed in the change of music style there. CBC1 still goes everywhere with me but I find refuge in 96.3fm. I went through high school in Cobourg and that is where I started listening to classical music, so this station has added familiarity and meaning for me. I enjoy all the music on 96.3 and would also like more opera (arias). We have been going to the opera at the movie theatres and that has become a new form of music that I find wonderful to listen to along with the orchestral classics. SAL St. Catharines
hi Jim i am fairly new and i enjoy the classical and oldies its great to herar it my boys love it too they are 32 and 35 that is what they grow up with take care by for now



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