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Gads, they are far too close to the road!!
They have just finished crossing from my property to go up the hill to the neighbours who ignore my pleas to not feed them.  Vehicles drive too fast and I had found one in my bush froze to death, hit by a car and could not make it back to the river where they sleep at night.  The MNR say they can not stop people from feeding them just try and educate .........
Yep, some people always want to domesticate wild animals... and in doing so they are usually hastening their demise.  :-(

I'm lucky to live in an area also with many great animals sharing our property. Always a treat to feed them, enjoy them outside the window as we have breakfast, I'm sure many believe they are part of the family! As you can see the elk even wait at the gate getting caught on our wildlife cameras!


Yes it is nice to have them on your property but to be selfish enough to lure them with feed to cross roads and put both deer and human in danger is not fair. I was told that the hardware sells a lot of feed to the people across the way. I think if they want to feed them then they should go across the road to the river where they stay mostly.
But nice pictures anyway. ;-)



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