It would be helpful when people post photographs to mention what camera they are using and the speed and f-stop of the shot.

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It's the photographer, not the camera, that takes the picture.
Mostly I use my Sony pocket digital because I can drop it in my pocket when I'm walking anywhere. I do have a Canon Rebel Ti for serious photo excursions, but it is heavy and clunky to carry around otherwise. My Sony Cybershot with a Zeiss lens and 7.2 megapixels seems to take pretty good photos with lots of options on the dial.

And, as Karen says, it not the camera but the photographer taking the picture.
I have 2 Sony Cybershots with Zeiss lens. They took great photos, but are outdated now. Had a lot of fun with them tho. They were my first digitals. The earlier Cybershots are bulkier than the new ones, which seem to be getting smaller and smaller.
I find my Canon T2i much smaller and lighter than my Canon 40D. Used my 40D yesterday for first time in awhile, wanted the faster speed for capturing wild bald eagle shots locally. It shoots 5 frames per second compared to 3 frames/second with the T2i. But it has fewer megapixels than the T2i. Once I took the long lens off the T2i yesterday, to put it on the 40D for the eagle shots, I was surprised how light the T2i is, and could put it in my pocket. love them all tho :)



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