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Comment by Barbara Lev 6 hours ago

Hi Westie Bestie!!!

Love the photo of you and Paige, sideways or straight up!!! haha  Nice that you bring the candy to the shop.  We had candy at work and the workers were eating more than the kids who stopped in : )  I behaved though.   More kids came this year than in the last two.   i was only here for a short time on my meal hour but my neighbor, Judy, told me it was crazy and this was the year she didn't buy candy because of no one showing up the last few years.  haha  I told her she could hand out dog treats as she has two.  Sam was pretty calm when I got home so the knocking on the door must not have bothered him very much.  The doorbell is doa so that helped ;)    It was really nice to see you on Kitties.  How is the fur growing?  Don't forget.  haha

Laura, good that you will be able to get the candy much cheaper after today and then, the girls will really go into sugar comas : )  Sorry about all the crappy weather for today.  The kids were out anyway.

Lynne, did I see the "S" word???  SNOW???   That is almost as bad as the OTHER S word.  haha  I do hope you aren't going to have the winter like you had last year.  The snow never stopped.  I hope Bruce packs the snow better this year in anticipation of a great deal of it.  Tell him I will come up there and spank him if he doesn't.  haha   I am scanning the skies, looking for you on your broom.   With the wind, you will be moving fast!!! : )  Keep toasty, lady.

Glady, that is nice that everyone contributes candy so the kids who show up later on can get a nice treat.  It is good that they don't come directly to your doors.  That is a pain in the arse.  Glad I was at work : )  

Alex, get that brain in gear.  Ones are heading your way shortly~~~

Hope you had a fun day, Linda.  I bet Reily was the talk of the neighborhood :) 

Comment by Barbara Lev 6 hours ago

49,548....we are getting up there!

Chilly outside now, a little windy.  Very damp, the rain isn't far off.

Work was quiet, debbie was still out sick and everyone was doing overtime posts for Halloween but so far, the streets and trains have been quiet.  Hoping it ends quietly for them all.  There was an attack on a Washington DC cop; someone iwth an ax or hatchet.  The cop wasn't badly injured but the guy got away and is on the loose.  I hope they watch their backs down there.  It's getting terribly scary.

Time to catch up on the posts.  I see Arline paid a visit so I have to bust her chops :)

Comment by alexander Mollison 9 hours ago
Comment by alexander Mollison 9 hours ago

Comment by alexander Mollison 9 hours ago

 so lynneG you got the snow shovel handy?

Comment by alexander Mollison 9 hours ago

weekends find the hidden "ONE"

Comment by alexander Mollison 9 hours ago

"ONE"S Friday

Comment by Lynne G. 10 hours ago

Thanks for the link, Laura...great shots!!

Riding solo is the story of my life, ha ha ha...

Have a great night all, and watch for me, BADDIE!!!

Hi to Linda!!

Hi to Arline!!  Nice to see you!!

Thanks to Alex, as ever!!

Comment by Glady Dixon 11 hours ago

Laura52   Those are beautiful pictures by Zoe.

Comment by laura52 11 hours ago

Oops, I put an "e" on Stockholm again. 


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