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Comment by Barbara Lev 29 minutes ago

You too, Westie.   Hope the Easter bunny plops loads of eggs on your family but that they are chocolate, NOT >>>>  hahahahaha  Love ya'

Comment by Arline 54 minutes ago
Happy feets up everyone ;) and Glady have a great Easter date in the morning xo
Comment by Barbara Lev 1 hour ago

39,923 is the current count, Sir Alex.  Glady and I did a great job of upping the count today, don't  you think? : )  Hope you had a good day. 

Comment by Barbara Lev 1 hour ago

Have a great evening, Glady.  Behr knows he will get MORE peanut butter if he spits the pill out.  : )  Smart doggie, he. : )

Have a good date in the am.  Hope you all have a nice Easter brekkie!  Yikes, I'm sounding like Lynne : )  haha

Good night peeps.  Time to get off here and go read the backed up newspapers.  The Mets are coning on and need to see if they can manage to score at least ONE run tonight.  argh : ) 

Comment by Glady Dixon 1 hour ago

Laura52   You and Bob have a lovely dinner.   You both deserve it.

Barb    You can believe that the occasional time the pill comes flying out of the peanut butter too.  lol

Have a nice evening all.  Will chat with you in the early p.m. tomorrow. :)

Comment by Barbara Lev 1 hour ago

That is too cute.  I used to give Murphy her pills hidden in a piece of bologna or cheese  Somehow she managed to eat the treat but the pill suddenly would come flying out, much worse for the wear.  : )   Behr would look cute on a Skippy commercial with peanut butter on his face : )


Comment by laura52 1 hour ago

Busy chatters in here today.

Alex I hope you enjoyed your Patio time today and remembered to bring the camera.

Arline I will see them tomorrow for Easter.  YAY.  I get to see Jake too, Wendy's son who will be 4 in June.  He is such a funny little man and Hanna just loves to Mother him to death.

Lynne, you are such a great neighbour to dogsit and I love the whole scam thing on Wendy for being such a con artist to make her feel guilty.  I did laugh at the comment about him dancing around and then jumping on your lap.  Thanks for keeping things watched over while Gazillion, and I do mean Gazillion Saturday was accomplished.  I am looking forward to Date Night dinner with a mutual massage for sure.  One of the best investments Bob and I ever bought ourselves was that portable massage table. 

Arline I did know about cats and our painkillers.  The same with Poinsettias, Devils Claw.  All my poisonous plants were always and still are up on the fridge.  

Linda if you are reading this, I hope your PT is going well.

I am dropping my ONE off now since tomorrow is a we'll see kind of day of if I am online or not. DECISIONS

I did get a raincheck for an iPad Mini today.  It was on sale at a very good deal for 32G which is more than I need for a transportable computer. I watch the girls and they are so natural with it, it is going to be a part of their lives and this is where I make my investment in being able to connect with them when I want.  Fortunately, Papou is all for this as well and encouraging me to get it.  I think we should both learn together ☺, but that will work as well as him slowly learning to use the computer after all these years. I can learn and he can ask questions. I have also had an iTouch for a few years now, so I know my way around Apple pretty well.  It's the keyboard.  But, I can also buy a cover for it that wirelessly has a keyboard to type on for real instead of thumbing it through the faceplate keyboard.

It's a hundred dollars cheaper and I now have 2 rainchecks for either Target.

Have a good night everyone and give your furry pets a hug and a kiss with a good ol' ear scratching from me.

Comment by Glady Dixon 2 hours ago

You are right.  Dogs are the best people.  We have been thinking of getting Behr a job advertising for Skippy Peanut Butter.  He takes pills twice a day and that is the only way he will take them.  In peanut butter.  lol

Comment by Barbara Lev 2 hours ago

Dogs are the best people, Glady!!!   Apollo and his new little brother, Rocky, are both very sweet.  Not like what a lot of people say about pits and pit mixes. It is how they are trained just like any other breed.  You are more at risk of having a chihuahua bite you than a larger dog.  They are the number one biter in NYC.  

I can believe that you had to put a tight rein on the spending after you got out of the hospital.  Sweet that Cuff wanted to buy your everything he thought you would like but sometimes you have to be sensible~   It's a shame he won't get a pension from his company after 20 years of working there.  It will make it harder on you both but I know you'll be able to stretch every penny!  Maybe you can get Behr some modeling jobs : )  

I think walking Behr in the evening helps Cuff unwind.  He gets some nice fresh air and is able to socialize a bit.  Not a bad thing at all!   

Comment by Glady Dixon 3 hours ago

Barb   We use our heads.  They use their hands in the pocket.  When I was in hospital last summer, I couldn't believe what he was spending.  When I got out the bills started lowering gradually.  Now it is about $60.00 less per week at the grocery store.  Granted, he bought a lot for me when I got home.  So much, I couldn't possibly eat it before 3/4 of it expired !  He likes to shop at the grocery store and that is fine by me.  I pay the cashier after he unloads the cart,  not him, so he is well aware I know what he has spent and that I will probably question some of the things he bought.  lol   I always took Behr out in the evening because he works hard all day.  When I think about it, it actually does him good to take him out.  He sees and talks to people in the building.  I always take Behr out the other 3 times.  He is really looking forward to retiring.  He spent 20 years in the Air Force and 20 years at the Company he is at now.  The hard part is there is no pension with the Company.  It would have been nice if there was.   Apollo sounds like a big suck !  You are a dogs' friend for sure with all the treats in your pocket.


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