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Comment by alexander Mollison 6 hours ago

night all have headache weather coming in. til tpmorrow

Comment by Barbara Lev 8 hours ago

I is back :)

Glad you had such a wonderful time at the party, Alex.  The kids are so good looking and yes, they did get big.   We start shrinking and they grow like weeds :)   Nice of you to help the neighbor so she could decorate.   The Ones were great.  Two sarcophagus?  YES.   Slick with hangover though  haha.

Laura, hope the leg is better today and not numb.  I get that from diabetes but usually the feet.  Always something going on with all of us.  Life would be so boring if not.  Crap, I'll take boring!!!

Lynne, Parker doesn't have a coat?    Sam has no care in the cold weather.  He loves it.  I know he will be thrilled when we get snow.  Not me :)   He doesn't have to shovel the car out.   Lucky dog~  :)   Swept and mopped all the floors today.  They needed it badly especially the kitchen and bathroom with the untreated white tiles they put in those rooms.  Duh.  If Sam drips some water on the kitchen floor, black spots show up.  So did the pine and now the apt smells Christmasy :)  It's a nice clean smell but not overpowering.  I really should do the laundry but...............     I went to the drug store . Had to pick up some vitamins for Joannie, no gluten.  She couldn't find any up her way.  They had it great, buy one get one free so that will be added to her Christmas gift.  I ordered the new John McDermott CD for both of us as well.  I will also pick her up some other things at the drug store on Tuesday when it's 20% off for seniors with an AARP card or the store card.  I have both.  So I will also pick up small gifts for the nice ones at work and some candy for Nancy.  Good to save a few bucks, eh?!!!   I went to the grocery afterward and picked up some flounder filets.  Yum.  Sam shared with me.   Didn't know the pooch liked fish but he did tonight.  Brain food can only help Sam.  hahahahahaha  

Nothing else going on.  Work tomorrow.  Hoping Dr DoLittle is back from India tomorrow.  If so, I will be there, appointment or not.  I have to find out what is going on with him and my insurance coverer.  I really hope he straightened it all out.   argh

Have  a good night all.  Princess Charlotte is precious.  Love that smile on her pretty face.  Kate and Wils make gorgeous

babies.  Princess Diana would be all over the both of them.  

Comment by Barbara Lev 8 hours ago


Hi All.

Cool but no rain today.  Can't complain given what Oklahoma, Texas and some other states are going through.  Very bad times and at least 10 killed by the storm.  Hope you guys have good weather up north.

Going to catch up on comments so I know what's going on.  Be back in a jiffy!!! ;) 

Comment by Lynne G. 9 hours ago

Certainly hope that leg improves for you, Laura.

Did you have a good day, BADDIE?

Thanks for the fun with words with the Kitties, Alex.

Sweet dreams, everybody.

Comment by alexander Mollison 11 hours ago

its supper and feets up time then catch up with news and tv

Comment by alexander Mollison 11 hours ago

ones for monday

Comment by alexander Mollison 11 hours ago

Mondays kitties  find hidden one

Comment by laura52 12 hours ago

Laundry is done and so am I.  Burgers and Fries for dinner tonight.  I love Bob's burgers!  The fries I picked up are from The Trading Post, so organic red potato frozen fries that are yummy! 

I'm off to put the feet up before you Alex.  It has been a wonky weekend for a weird unstable left leg walking so I'm couching it now.

Have a good night everyone.  Barb have a good week at work. I'm glad you are doing better and the captain is noticing you do work for them.

Comment by laura52 12 hours ago

Great nephew?

Comment by laura52 12 hours ago

Your nephew looks like a mini Alex. :)  Great pictures.  Boy the kids are growing up.


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"night all have headache weather coming in. til tpmorrow"
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