Yesterday, venerable CTV anchor Lloyd Robertson announced that he'd sign off for the final time as anchor of their national news program on September 1.


Even though the 77-year-old journalist will continue working with the network — such as continuing his role as host of W — it's definitely the end of a 35 year era.

Of course, there's been long-time speculation of this since last year when it was reported that Robertson was to step down after his 2010 Olympic coverage:

It seems the CTV Olympic coverage has resulted in a major casualty for the network. Lloyd Robertson has gone to CTV brass and told them the workload is too onerous. It seems he would have preferred not to travel to Vancouver and not to anchor the Olympic news coverage. At 76 years old, even though Lloyd seems to be in great shape, he's finding the travel and the workload difficult.

— Medium Close Up's Howard Bernstein


A tribute to Robertson's long-time CTV career.


Nonetheless, this is a sad day. Does it feel too soon? Or do you think Lisa LaFlamme is perfectly suitable to handle it on her own?

P.S. He even chatted with John & Yoko!



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 Do not say its the end of an era, I grew up watching him, well as long as I have been in Canada, if he is past his time or era that means me too.!!

Lloyd deserves to do only what is fun, and interesting.  Lisa has paid her dues as a foreign correspondent,

going to all the hot spots when ever needed.  I bet she could write a book.  She deserves the spotlight now.

I didn't know he was that old.    It guess it he wants to do something else, all the best to him.   Thanks Lloyd.

I have watched Lloyd Robertson for years, always enjoyed his newscast. (dont think he ever missed a day, did he?)  I truly miss his expertise, but all the best to him on his well deserved retirement.

I want to say that I think that Lloyd Robertson is a wonderful man of integrity. I will certainly miss him on CTV news. We all have to retire some time and maybe keep our fingers in what we enjoy. I also think that Lisa Laflamme is cut out for the job she seems to be knowledgeable and has travelled many places comvering news. As well her appearance on T.V. is inviting.


Linda Carter- Sudbury, ON.

I recall when he came over from CBC and hosted the news with Harvey Kirk.

Lloyd Robertson, Sandy Ronaldo and Lisa Laflamme are the most credible and respected newscasters they're right up there with the likes of Walter Cronkite.

I feel Lloyd Robertson has been a great anchor man for a long time. He deserves to have some time to relax and certainly there are lots of other people that can take on his responsibilities and grow into the job.
Hello, I think Lloyd Robertson was one of the best news broadcasters we have had in Canada. I had my picture taken with him last summer at a CTV BarbQue. He is a great and kind man. David



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