Let the backlash begin. When Steve Jobs died on October 5, it prompted an outpouring of grief for a "silicon saint" who forever changed our relationship with technology and innovation.


But a new authorized biography promises to deliver a far more complicated picture of a man who was reportedly narrow and ungenerous, and held onto grudges until the very end.


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Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography already has the internet talking about many of the controversial stories it reveals. And thanks to the New York TimesCult of Mac's live updated feed of the best quotes, stories and revelations, we were able to zero in on our five favourite controversial stories. What are yours?


1. When Jobs first got his pancreatic cancer diagnosis in 2003, he "put off surgery and rely instead on fruit juices, acupuncture, herbal remedies and other treatments — some of which he found on the Internet — infuriated and distressed his family, friends and physicians, the book says."


2. Steve wasn't a Google fan: he "told Mr. Isaacson that he regarded Android as a 'stolen product,' copying Apple technology." 


3. "Steve’s cavalier attitude towards factory working conditions started early: in 1984, when showing off Apple’s Macintosh factory to the first lady of France, Jobs became angry when more time was spent asking about overtime and vacation them than admiring the fancy machines, causing Jobs to quip: 'If she’s so interested in their welfare, tell her she can come work here any time.'"


4. "Mr. Jobs’s personal affinity for music, and his friendships with musicians, helped him maneuver deals to build the iTunes library and special versions of the iPod. It also moved into his private life at times, Mr. Isaacson writes. After Mr. Jobs learned he had cancer, he exacted a promise from Yo-Yo Ma to play at his funeral."


5. Last Spring, Jobs began to meet with individuals he wanted to see before he died, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Gates and Jobs septn more than three hours together reminiscing: "They talked about the emotional rewards of family life and having children, and the good fortune to have married wisely. Mr. Gates later recalled to Mr. Isaacson the two laughed that [Jobs' wife] Laurene had kept Mr. Jobs 'semi-sane' and that Melinda, Mr. Gates’s wife, 'kept me semi-sane.'"


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No one is perfect and we all have our own special gifts to share or keep to ourselves, in this world.  I suspect that Mr. Jobs was just like the rest of us, gifted in some way, but not so much in others.  I too saw the interview on 60 minutes, of the book's author and found it very enlightening about both the man and his talents.  It is a credit to him that when he hired Mr. Isaacson to write his biography, he instructed him to include everything, warts and all, as part of the story.  Apparently, this was done and we have to give Jobs credit for being willing to be honest about his life.

I saw the interview too.  I found it very interesting that his biological father was Syrian, an Arab - which means that genetically Steve Jobs is half Arab.  I wonder how his life would have been impacted if his biological parents had married and he remained with them?  He probably would have had an Arabic name, maybe been brought up Muslim. 

Seeing the intensity of the current American/Arab/Muslim relationship how would that have impacted the evolution of Apple and Apple customers' opinions of Muslims and Arabs, or acceptance of Apple products?

Biography of Steve Jobs. Would really like to know more than what is casually said about him on newspaper. This article has given me more insight.



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