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I can provide knowledge about EI, life coaching, relocation, organic foods and native planting, fitness, career choice but most of all I'm looking to mentor, and be mentored, by women. It takes a village, you are mine.

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Knock off a decade and MAKE MONEY from HOME

Started by Brenda Broley Cook Sep 26, 2015. 0 Replies

Hello everyone. I have been successfully making money from home now for 8 years. The freedom is absolutely the best!! I live in Milton ON and would be happy to mentor anyone who would like to learn.…Continue

Tags: money, collagen, beauty, antiaging

5 Top Travel Destinations!

Started by Wafa Masri Jan 14, 2013. 0 Replies

What's your top travel destination? See it it made the list! Check out my new blog…Continue

Tags: Real, Estate, Transition, Seniors, Toronto

Any Ideas

Started by Margaret Chisholm. Last reply by Marcy Berg Nov 7, 2012. 11 Replies

Please contact if you know any women that would like to live "Golden Girls" lifestyle somewhere here in Southern Ontario.  Thanks for any input and/or suggestions. …Continue

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Comment by Brenda Broley Cook on August 5, 2015 at 7:49pm

Wondering if there is anyone in this group who is still in transition? anyone looking for a new and simple way to make money? I am starting a special group where anyone can have a $1500.00 passive income stream established within a half year if they work the system I am using.Adding this onto what you are currently doing is works for part time or full time and I now have an amazing retirement lifestyle because of it. If you want info message me your phone number and a best time to call.

Comment by Brenda Broley Cook on August 5, 2015 at 7:49pm

Comment by Pamela on December 22, 2013 at 10:59am

Wow!  I remember a couple years ago when a few of us Zoomer girls were planning a New Years Party on site.  Time differences made this difficult but I remember us all being up for it.

So much has happened in the last couple years the Royal Wedding among one event I remember.  Chris' cat being ill.  too many things we would all get together and talk about.  It is a shame we all abandoned the site including me.  It was somewhere to come and rant about things like the Post Awfuss.

I just wanted to say a Merry Christmas to all my old friends and friends not yet me on Women in Transition.   May your New Years be the best one ever.  May Santa be good to all of you.

Comment by Brenda Broley Cook on March 14, 2013 at 5:40pm

COME BUILD A GREAT PENSION WITH ME :) The world has changed and we can profit from those changes

Comment by Janet Auty-Carlisle on March 7, 2013 at 4:51pm
Marilyn that's good news!
Comment by Marilyn Craig on February 2, 2013 at 1:04am

Boy were's everyone? surely not on facebook all the time right...

I knew when I moved into my friends cottage it would be short, but I didn't thjink it would be this short, but, God ha reason for every thing.While renewing my drivers license I called on wonderful condo, I knew in the past it was more than I could afford, but, I called any way..little did i realize, rent was placed on location, by just moving some 10 miles away my rent was lowered by $250 per month, my second choice was some 3 miles away, from this location that rent was $50 a month more. By moving just a little away from my requeting location I got the same wonderful condo for less.. Little word for the wise, check around ask if they have any speicals, too. Am moving yes, once again, but am moving into great two bedroom, with attached garage with remote control, washer/dryer, a/c,  catheral ceiling and patio windows, etc love it.. I how everyone having great, mild winter..

Comment by Wafa Masri on January 29, 2013 at 5:48pm

I hope you find my latest Blog of interest

Comment by Janet Auty-Carlisle on January 22, 2013 at 3:35pm
Hi everybody, latest inspiration! I hope it starts fearless connections!
Comment by Chris Jarvis on January 5, 2013 at 10:23am

Hi Janet et al! I, for one, am glad to see the last of 2012. Haven't had time to visit here for a while. Got caught up in kitty care as mentioned earlier. Like having a sick kid on your hands.

Janet, you ask for topics of fees come to mind. So far it's cost me over $1000 (has to come out of my food budget, already stretched tight) in vet fees to manage a cat diagnosed with diabetes and hyperthyroid. For any owners of cats diagnosed diabetic and put on insulin - for Cat's sake, get a glucometer, learn to do (and DO) home glucose monitoring on your kitty before giving insulin. Almost killed my cat giving insulin he didn't need. Which I found out once I started testing... Yep, I'm on a "save your kitty" rant - lol!

Guess economic survival might be a topic for discussion, Janet...

Comment by Chris Jarvis on January 5, 2013 at 10:11am

Read your blog, Wafa. My comments:

Post Awfuss disappearing: fine by me. I’ve had enough of those “no answer – pick it up yourself” cards in my mailbox put there by a mail carrier who didn’t bother to even buzz my apt. on days I was home waiting for the parcel.

Cheque: My condo mgmt office and others would love to be able to dip into my bank account every month. I’m reluctant to give anybody such easy access to my account – too hard to stop payment if you have to. And there’s a principle involved. My account is mine. I do a lot of banking online, but still want the right to write a cheque.

Newspaper: I’m retired. My mornings start with feeding the cat, feeding the fish, and then taking the newspaper back to bed with my coffee. I don’t want to sit at the desktop, be burdened with a laptop in bed, etc. I want to savour my coffee, and the newspaper, and the peace and quiet, before getting up to start the day.

Book: I’m a lifelong reader. I will never give up books. I love the smell of the pages, I love turning the page – I will never, ever give up the stacks of books all over my house. And the thrill of coming upon something I read years ago and shoved at the back of the bookcase and settle in to read again, as if it were new. Never. Not ever will I get a Kobo or other such gadget. Ever.

Land Line: I live on the 25th floor of a condo building. Don’t much feel like navigating stairs on a daily basis. In the big blackout several years ago, the only thing that worked was my land line. My cell didn’t work. Power down meant my e-mail didn’t work. My only means of communicating with the world was by land line.

Music: I’ve often wondered why nobody writes symphonies any more...Where have all the Mozarts gone?

TV: I would watch it more if there were something worth watching. How many episodes of Criminal Minds can anybody take? More comfortable to watch TV from the couch than to sit at a computer and watch online. Not everybody wants to live life via computer!

Privacy: Of course, gone as soon as we post here. As for somebody getting me to buy ... I live on pensions. Who can afford to buy?

You say the only thing left that can’t be changed is memories...people remember things differently. Memories are changeable. Alzheimer’ Mom had Alzheimer’s. It was lovely for her to forget all of life’s hurts. Something good in everything, I guess, if we look for it. Given how devastating this awful disease is for the person who has AD, and for their caregivers, it's not something I take lightly.


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