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Idiomatic Insults

I don’t keep up with slang. Especially insults. Never have. In junior high, “bitchin” sounded like an insult, so I never used the word.

Lately I have received an email from a man who called me a name I didn’t recognize, followed by a link to his website. He informed me that this term was an insult. He even told me to click the link and “look it up.” Like I care what his made-up insult is supposed to refer to? They’re…


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The wide Path and the Narrow One

When I studied comparative religions in college, I learned the terms Mahayana and Hinayana, meaning the Wide Path and the Narrow Path. I understood that the Hinayana path meant becoming a monk and living in a monastery. I thought maybe the Mahayana path meant going to religious services once a week.

The Mayahana path was for most people and the Hinayana path was for a few people who were simply cut out for…


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Breaking in to a Dead Man's Computer

A client called me. One of her co-workers had gifted her a laptop computer that used to belong to her recently deceased husband. My client wanted me to check it out and put it on her network.

The computer looked okay – the keys were clean, the monitor was clean.

The first screen gave us a choice of Windows 7 or Vista. This indicated that the computer was probably 8 years…


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Art and Science

Taking an art class is a different world from the science world in which I got my BA. Yet there are similarities. Both world teach techniques. Both worlds have expected results as well as surprises. And both worlds teach a new way of seeing.…


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LegalShield: Worry Less. Live More.

LegalShield provider law firms will be there to offer advice or assistance on a variety of issues. For a clear explanation watch: An Introduction To LegalShield

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Voodoo Doll on the Refrigerator

A man at Quaker meeting stood to speak the message that was in his heart.

He awoke in the morning to see a voodoo doll on his family’s refrigerator. Someone had given this doll to his wife as a gift.

His wife explained that the doll came with two pins: one for enemies and one for friends. He thought about this, since he is the kind of man who would never intentionally…


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A Brief History Of Nature's Sunshine Products

I’ve used Nature’s Sunshine herbal supplements since 1979. At that time NSP was the only Canadian company that “encapsulated” herbs in specific dosages, making them easy to swallow and avoiding their sometimes bitter taste. I’d like to share the background of Nature's Sunshine Products.…


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INTRA, From Lifestyles International, Helps People Live Better-Every Day

Lifestyles International combined the ancient knowledge of botanicals with advanced science to create intra in 1992. A proprietary botanical blend,…


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Correct Spelling?

Correct Spelling?

I’m working on a book in which an egg hatches a caterpillar.  I want to describe the egg as miniscule.   My spell checker immediately changes it to minuscule.  When I insist that I want miniscule, the word gets a red underline as an…

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Knock off a Decade NATURALLY and join me :) :)

HI!! . There is a brand new product launch this past week...a Cosmeceutical break through that gives instant as well as long lasting results that we are ALL wanting!! It's very exciting!! I have been using it for two weeks and it is amazing ..... below is info to look over and if you want to talk with me and get some answers, message me your number and best time to reach you. It is also available to get it for free if you want to  make some referrals…


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My First Visit to Planned Parenthood

I was 17. I did not consider myself a sexual being. The sex-ed class at my high school was mainly a vocabulary lesson. And I had no idea what an erector set had to do with babies. And whatever sex was, we weren’t supposed to do because it would cause babies. And babies would ruin our lives.

I’d had trouble getting a tampon in and I didn’t believe my then boyfriend (now husband for the past 48 years) when he explained…


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Two Kinds of Theft

Two kinds of thieves

My mother, who is 92 and uses a walker, was pushing a cart full of her groceries to her car. A man followed her. When she opened the trunk to put in her groceries, he opened the hood and appeared to remove something.

He told her there was something seriously wrong with her car and she needed an $8500 part to fix it, which he just happened to…


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Sears Dryer Installation Blues

We bought a washer and dryer from Sears online.

The first time the delivery man had both the washer and the dryer on his truck. He delivered and installed the washer. But the washer pan was too close to the wall for a back installation, so the dryer would need to be vented on the side. The dryer is switchable. But the driver did not know how to switch it. So, he took the dryer back to the warehouse. He delivered and installed the washer. He also left the vent pipes and elbow…


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Sanders vs. Trump

Yesterday I met a man who was a Donald Trump fan.

I asked why.

He said he likes the fact that Trump is a businessman.

I said, Trump has bankrupted three companies yet managed to make millions for himself while destroying his employees’ pensions.

He said that’s just because laws…


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The Pope is Coming

The Pope is coming! The Pope is coming! And some of it fell on my city.

I admire and respect this Pope, even though I’m not Catholic. But he’s not a rock star. I don’t understand the magic of being in the crowd when he speaks.

I live in the green zone. That means that buses won’t be running through my neighborhood when his eminence is here. If I drive a car out of…


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Barnes and Noble's Mistake

In 1978, I wrote a picture book story: Ladybugs for Loretta. My friend Francie illustrated it. Because our only publication option was print (ebooks hadn’t been invented yet) we decided to limit the colors to black and red. That meant two pieces of art for each…


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My Summer Vacation

This summer I reverted to elementary school.

I met up with a couple of women who were my friends in 3rd grade nearly 60 years ago. Anne brought jacks, and Alison reminded us of the rules.…


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Ontario Seniors sign below to ask our Premier to allow seniors to sell their life policies IN Ontario


I just signed the petition, "The Ontario Government: We are concerned Ontario citizens who urge our leaders to act now to change Section 115 of the…


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48 years

My husband and I just celebrated 48 years of marriage. I feel incredibly lucky. Lucky that I met him. Lucky that he has been my friend this long. Lucky that we still enjoy the same things, and doing things together. Lucky that we are still both alive and healthy. But knowing that we have taken care of each other, and can do so again if necessary. We have managed to survive when we both lost our jobs and had to survive on food stamps and…


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Welcome home

Welcome Home Mom

          My mother has become the newest member of our gang here at the nursing home.  When you think things could get no weirder, well they do.

          I haven’t really come to grips with how I feel about this yet.  I know that I am angry over how mom ended up living her…


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