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Leave it to dad

 parrot knows

Leave it to dad. He up and dies instead of sticking around long enough to accept responsibility for his part in contributing to the complete destruction of this family. Good old dad He always knew when it was time to bail.

This has been an impossible endeavor for me to undertake. I will be sailing along thinking that the story is telling itself and will then find myself in a mire of confusion, sickness and disease.

Of course…


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This is the best book I've read in a long time. . . "A Tale of Two Cities"


This week’s prompt for the Zoomers Writers Wednesday Challenge is “This is the best book I've read in a long time!”

This is a tough choice for me because I have read more than a few books in my life and different books stand out in my mind. Each book was unique in its own way. The “Lord of The Rings” and the “Whinnie the Pooh” series are my two favorite fantasy trilogies. I could never say which is better, because they are so different that they are not comparable.…


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What Really Matters

What am I going to do today?

I could list the necessary stuff, fixing people’s computers, the trivia: laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, checking my email, checking out a few links, and the important stuff: yoga, meditation, drawing, writing, talking with my husband.

Yesterday, I watched the videos on…


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My life is...


My life

My life is loneliness, or is that called solitude?

My life Is taking handfuls of prescription drugs.

Is this just a new form of drug addiction for me?

My life is continuous pain. Continuous appointments. Three days a week hooked to the monster.

People hear about the five spinal operations, the two times of being dead.


I keep falling out of bed.

Running over my feet with the…


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The Little Things That Make Me Happy

What happens to me  when I am made to stop and think, truly think about the little things in life that make me happy?  I smile.

Life never stops being a challenge from the time we are born until the time we take our final breath in life.

When I actually stop to think about what are the little things that make me happy that bring me to a happy place in my head, where endorphins are released that automatically bring a smile to my face I instantly feel better no matter…


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A Brief History Of Nature's Sunshine Products

I’ve used Nature’s Sunshine herbal supplements since 1979. At that time NSP was the only Canadian company that “encapsulated” herbs in specific dosages, making them easy to swallow and avoiding their sometimes bitter taste. I’d like to share the background of Nature's Sunshine Products.…


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INTRA, From Lifestyles International, Helps People Live Better-Every Day

Lifestyles International combined the ancient knowledge of botanicals with advanced science to create intra in 1992. A proprietary botanical blend,…


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On-Call Legal & Identity Theft Protection For One Low Monthly Fee, From LegalShield

LegalShield has been offering legal plans and identity theft protection since 1972, allowing North Americans to access legal services when needed without first having to consider the cost. Available in 49 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces (ON-BC-AB-MB) For the entire story visit LegalShield  For specific articles about LegalShield please visit …


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Grant Us Peace Concert Feb. 21, 2015

Grand Philharmonic Choir Presents: Grant Us Peace—Music of Haydn, Estacio and Vasks


Three eloquent pleas for peace in these troubled times. Each is written in a different style and time, but all carry the same compelling message.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

7:30 p.m.

Centre in the Square

101 Queen St. North, Kitchener

Grand Philharmonic Choir

Kitchener- Waterloo Symphony

Bethany Horst, soprano

Jennifer Enns-Modolo,…


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My Favorite Things

This week’s topic from Zoomers is "What are the little things in life that make you happy?"

We all have better days and worse days. For me it's the worse days when I forget all the good things about my life. That's when I need to move myself to a moment of thankfulness. It helps me face life's disappointments when I remind myself of so much goodness that has been part of my life. I can remember that life is good even if it doesn't always conform to my plans.



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Making a Difference

When I was in my 20's young men in my community were killed in Vietnam.

Last month, a young man in my community was killed on his own doorstep, by someone who wanted his wallet.

I don’t see any difference among these situations. Whether I knew the deceased, or not. Whether the war was declared by a government, or not. People imagined they were…


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My three pet peeves

This week's writer's challenge is to write about my three pet peeves, a hard challenge as I like most pets especially Miss October 1987!

She wrote me back years ago when I sent her a letter.

You'll have to wait for that story when the challenge is - WHEN YOU WROTE A FAMOUS PERSON, DID THEY EVER WRITE YOU BACK?

I also had Willard Scott write me back along with the quarterback from the Minnesota Vikings back in the…


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Three Pet Peeves

Zoomers writers challenge for this week is ""Grrrr! Lately, my 3 personal pet peeves are ...".

This is a difficult topic. We all hear more than our share of complaining, and there are no shortages of complaints expected any time in the foreseeable future. It's a struggle to compete with all the complaints already out there, especially in the blogosphere.

In the spirit of playing along nicely here at Zoomers, I will vent a little spleen…


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New goals

coing through

New goals for a new life

1. Don't forget the beautiful things that have happened during this beautiful life and what beautiful things are still in the mix.

For a brief moment in time, about five years I had the perfect life. I was in love with a beautiful women. I was the father of an absolutely amazing and beautiful daughter and we lived a perfect life that involved the three of us. We also had the love of my wife's mother and I had the support of my…


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Scripting Your Online Dating Profile


When it comes to Online Dating Sites, what you write about…you bring about. For the greatest success be creative and don’t state the obvious. To show that you are self-assured and optimistic, craft your profile as though your ideal mate exists in the now.

There is little sense in listing preferred characteristics such as honest, caring, loving, trustworthy, etc.…


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Who Wants a Clean Room

I’ve been corresponding with a web-friend who wants her daughters to clean their rooms.

Here’s my advice. Feel free to add yours, disagree with mine, or try something new. I know that there is no evidence that a clean room is better for any activity than a messy one. But we want what we want – even when it makes no sense to other people.

The first thing that needs cleaning up is the mindset.

What does it mean to have things stay where you put…


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Grrrr! Lately, my 3 personal pet peeves are:

It is totally against my style to focus on "peeves" because there is so much ugly in this world, I get tired of focusing on all the things that are Pet Peeves when all I want personally is for people to love one another and have mutual respect. 

But, since I have been asked to write about this I reached in and spewed it out, and believe me it didn't take a fork lift shovel to dig too deep.   I will list them in order.

1. LITTERBUGS.  Nothing…


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I hope you enjoy this post from my column, GRANNY TAKES SIDES - Advice Seasoned with Love. You can read more of Granny's answers to readers at http://www.grannytakessides.com.



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Now That I'm Older

Older?  Who is Older?  Of course.  I am older.  I always tell people I am not old, I am older and there is a huge difference.  Older means you can still retain your youth and act like a child.  Old means complaining about everything that hurts, that is wrong with the world today, the noisy birds and never finding anything to smile about.

Now that I am older I am proud to say I have become the person I always wanted to be.  I wanted my life as I aged to be one of optimism and…


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Childhood Memory Related To The Holidays

"Please Santa.  I know I have not been a good girl every day but I have been a good girl." was all that would come out of my mouth as soon as it was my turn to sit on Santa's knee at Eaton's downtown Toronto. 

"What would you like for Christmas little one with such long curly locks? "  I…


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