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The one thing I really miss since my mastectomy is going braless.

I’ll go out without make-up. I’ll wear dirty gardening clothes when I walk my dog. I am not vain. But, walking around with one boob just looks weird, even to me.

So, before I go out in public, I stuff a prosthetic into a mastectomy bra and put the thing on. Even when the weather is hot. Even when I won’t be seeing anybody I know. Everybody I know is aware I’ve had one boob chopped off. But they’re…


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Prepaid Legal Plans and Identity Theft Protection

LegalShield has been offering legal plans since 1972, creating a world where everyone can access legal protection when needed, and everyone can afford it. For complete details visit LegalShield.

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Chocolate in heaven

I am not allowed to have chocolate or cocoa anymore because my potassium and phosphorus is high.…


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Why do Docs Gloom-and-Doom Me?

Why would I even want a doctor? I don’t get sick.

Not unless you count being hit by a car and getting cancer.  And I don’t need a regular doctor to treat emergencies.  That is the work of specialists and surgeons.

But, I want someone to go to if I ever need a referral.

So, I tried a new doc.…


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NOW Series


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Outgrow Beginners Mind

I took the past week off to meditate, and read books by meditators. Many ideas were useful – I’ll cover them in future blogs. But first I want to comment on one that jarred me: The idea of beginners mind as something to be…


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My Prosthetic Floats

The owner at my gym asked me if I had a bikini for summer.  I think he was teasing, and he’s been hitting on me lately, which I think is totally inappropriate. So, I took this as an opportunity to give him a straight line and possibly turn him off at the same time.  “Of course. I need one to hold my prosthetic.”


I’ve tried the one-piece mastectomy swimsuits.   After the suit is thoroughly wet, the prosthetic sinks…


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Starless Fragile Red

I woke up from a dream and the dream was me. I was embedded in the matrix of a new life and the old life at the same time. I was able to…


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Drunks in the Hood

There are two bars on my block, and several others on nearby blocks. So, when I wake up to find my flower box half-way down the block with dirt dumped out and flowers torn, I don’t know which bar overserved. At least I know that the drunks weren’t driving, unless they ripped up flower boxes while meandering toward their cars.

It’s never just my flower box. It’s flower boxes all the way down the…


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                    It makes Me  wonder if fate has written a part for Me
                    in the nameless pages of life!…

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Crazy Client of the Day

Some of my computer clients ask me to do the simplest things, like download a file from the web.

That’s what this client said she wanted. She’s an out-of-towner, so she brings her computer to my house.

She asked what time she could bring her computer over. I told her 9 AM.

She said she’d be here at…


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Courthouse Nights, Episode 2: Homeless Minority

Courthouse Nights, Episode 2:…


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Minority Population

 There are about, what, now? 315 million people living in the US. Of those 315 million, approximately 3.5 people are homeless. That is around, what? One percent of the population. 
We are, currently, the smallest minority in the nation. Interestingly, we are all colors of the rainbow, from all walks of life. We are educated, we are beautiful, we are intelligent, and we continue to evolve.
In just the three years I have been a homeless person,…

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Vegetarian Propaganda Backfires

Our local library offered a free vegetarian cooking demonstration – which means watch us cook and get a free meal.

My husband, the alien, and I went. It was a sales pitch and we came home with the “wrong…


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A return to forever

Death speaks to me.

Slight whispers in the early morning hours.…


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Several times a week, I hang up on folks who call claiming to be Dell Technical support. They claim to know some nonsense about my having an infection in my computer that isn’t a virus and can’t be caught by my antivirus program, but that this mysterious person has managed to detect without even knowing what kind of computer I have.

But this time, the caller didn’t feel dishonest. And I had written to Dell about when…


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Fellow Travellers Can Save Money with Some Good Knowledge on When to Shop for Your Airfare

The Best Time of the Day to Look for Airfare Deals.

The best time to purchase airfare for online sites is Tuesday at 3:00 pm.  This the time that all the airlines put up their best pricing and…

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Where did Dino go?

The bar was a karaoke bar and after talking to some of the regulars it had a reputation of being one of the best karaoke bars ever. Annie and I were both excited. We both loved to sing.…


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Separate and Equal

Last week I went to the Constitution Center to hear Dr. Danielle Allen of the Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies discuss her latest book, Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality. She says, “In just 1,337 words, the Declaration changed the course of the modern world, but it is now rarely read from start to finish.”

The Declaration begins:…


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