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Lost Creek

Lost Creek

        There’s a little tiny woman here who is named Nellie.  Nellie is all twisted sideways in her wheel chair and always covered with like four blankets.  Her voice is a strained harsh voice that comes from her little frame.

        Right next to her room is Rob’s room.  Rob is deranged…


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My Big Red Monster

My Big Red Monsterby Lois June Wickstrom

A big strong red monster lives under my bed.My brother doesn’t believe me.

My brother says, “There are no monsters! Tell it to come out! I dare you!”

One evening, when my brother isn’t looking, I lean over the…


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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Doodles


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Lost Creek - The great transformation

        Out of nowhere, well it had to do with Nathan’s intervention and a couple other things the director decided to move me into a private room where I could have me and all of my art stuff, music stuff and computer electronic stuff.  They moved me today.

        Man what an unbelievably beautiful…


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Why doesn’t my family believe in nepotism?

I wish they did.  I feel like many doors are closed to me because of their belief system.

I totally get why Satan in the Bible stories was mad at God.  Satan had been a good and faithful servant and a friend to God for aeons.  Then along came Jesus and – who gets to inherit the kingdom? The…


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No Exit Chapter Six

Old man Cox    

        The day started out with the rehab moving Annie into a private room because she was now a temporary that would be leaving and going back out into the world.  Annie was in love with the room.  Her computer and all her art supplies were in one location.  She could hold up here…


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No Exit Chapter Five

Findings are unreliable

        Nigel woke up and was pleasantly surprised to feel the flesh of Annie next to him.  It meant that he was back to where he belonged.  Hopefully the nightmares were gone for a while.

        As Nigel lay there he couldn’t think of what he had to do for the day. …


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The Sh*t Monster

The shit monster is at it again tonight.

        It’s unbearable to me but I think it must be a fucking nightmare to him.  Every other…


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What Use are Dead Ancestors?

My younger daughter signed our family up with an online genealogy site.


A few days ago I received a message that there had been updates in our family.…


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When I'm Feeling Sadly I Find a Song and Play it Badly

It's music that does the best to pick me up when I am down. Irish Whiskey, bourbon and beer are tied for second.

Isaiah was quoted in the bible as saying,"Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust; for thy dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead." Although he always struck me as an old grouch, I always liked that.

When I feel down, I like to play a little music. I try to do that when no…


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No Exit - Chapter Four


        Annie ask the man beast, “So are you the devil?”

        The beast stopped moving and laughed a deep thick oozing laugh, “There is no devil.  I was just lucky enough to be listening in that night.  You silly human beings thinking you are the only things that matter and that there is…


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No Vacant Lots for Us

My husband, the alien, and I have been trying to buy vacant lots that belong to the city of Philadelphia. We want to build a one-story home because my husband is having trouble climbing stairs. Philly is a city of row houses and over 40,000 vacant lots.  The city has created a map of these lots with “for sale” signs on a good fraction of them. We only want to build one home. We have been requesting to purchase lots that have “for sale” signs.  Every time we…


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When you're feeling down - A list of things to do!

I have been known to get down; like super down, to the point, I sit outside with a bottle of whiskey and stare at the ground for days.

Don't ask.

These are things I do to get up and at them; instead of staring at the ground with a bottle of whiskey and a 19 year old hooker from Peru.

His name is Steve.


1.  Run through the streets of L.A. naked.  I've been known to carry…


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Remnants of an everlasting life

Oh how death plays tricks with our brains.

We create entire visuals of a God and heaven

                                                        Out of the fear of dying.

We love to say, “No one here gets out alive” as



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  Let Your Dreams Follow the road of Love
         one step at a time to a
         Self-fulfilling  prophecy !

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No Exit - Chapter Three


        Annie wheeled over to her two laptops and art supplies and figured it was time to set up the new laptop and do some painting.

        Ol John Harrington was out in the hallway talking to Delbert.  Ol John could do some talking and it would always get back to his kids and what…


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Erotic Ode to Peeps with Precious Precarious Peep Photos

All Photos by Linda Seccaspina except The Peeptown one.

Prehistoric Peeps



Peeps in Peril!…


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No exit - Chapter Two

        Chapter Two

        Reality pays a visit

        The Cross Creek Mental rehabilitation center was a place where the elderly, broken and crazies went to vacation their golden years away.  The new philosophy of government spending was to just gather all the derelicts up into one group…


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Got A Moustrap Game? Carleton Place Would Like Toys For Their Tummies

 I write to attempt to expel new thoughts going through my brain. In essence, my life has so many ups and downs like everyone else it has become a real Mouse Trap Game. Sometimes I feel like I am playing the lead role as the mouse.

So why do I relate my life to a game of toys gone by? That is because every single one of us remembers a favourite doll, game, or truck, that helped us through life. Toys are expensive, and these times money is not really growing on…


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Trying to Draw Courage

I've been trying to draw what courage looks like:  Here are two attempts:…


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