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Vår prom lyckligare

Vår prom lyckligare. Vi deltar i balen. Alla hade vackra kläder att laga sin egen / spela väldigt glad. Må vår vänskap för en lång tid / min familj alla balklänningar/…


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Your Second Fifty Documentary

In 2006 I had a revelation that if some people could live their second fifty full of passion and purpose why couldn't everyone live their second fifty full of passion and purpose. So first I wrote a book, which fortunately made its way to #1, but I wasn't reaching a big enough audience so i decided to make a documentary. In todays world we'd rather watch than read for the most part. 

Well, it now complete and the documentary Your Second Fifty is available…


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Roof top


When I walked in the place I knew that a new chapter was about to be written. I saddled up to the bar and sad down next to a young vivacious woman was by herself. I said hi and she said hi back.

It had been years since I had ventured into this place. I checked my pocket for quarters and headed to the jukebox and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was still loaded with some of the best records of all time in all genres of music. It was loaded with…


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2015 Prize Writer Competition Finalist

cover%201%20%284%29.jpg"If you were so poor why did you have ten children?" "To be certain, there was NO POVERTY BETWEEN THE SHEETS." Thank you each and everyone who have voted - Big push on this FINAL DAY to VOTE! …


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A Role Model from the 23rd Century, Mostly Fictional, Somewhat Real

This weeks challenge for Zoomers Bloggers is "Who Do You Look Up to As a Role Model and Why?"

I have never been one to heap all my hopes and expectations in life at the feet of any one person. My world view, even as a kid  tended to bend through the lens of Atomism. I have never looked for The One Great Truth, or…


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Who do you look up to as a role model and why?

Who is my role model and why?  First and always it will be my Dad because of all the people he helped throughout his life and how he handled all different kinds of situations from great to devastating.   When we are not talking about my Dad and someone who continues to live and be an inspiration to me I can always answer that question immediately with Oprah.  Come on.  No groaning.  No moaning.  Stop rolling your eyes! She isn't your role model she is mine, so let her be mine and I will tell…


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Two Very Different Companies

My husband dropped and broke his cell phone. He went to Verizon to get another one. They convinced him to get a different brand than his old phone. He took it and called me. The thing echoed my voice back at me. And it picked up all the background sounds. He told the sales rep. The sales rep told him that for $35, he could give it back and get the same model as his old one. $35? $35! My husband asked to talk to the supervisor. The supervisor repeated – my husband…


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All my role models are gone - duck down the alley!

I sat here for a few minutes, drinking down a root beer and eating a cookie, trying to think who my role models are and why.

I've had a few in my life for different reasons; George Clooney for his face, Al Gore for inventing the Internet, some guy in a red Corvette for obvious reason (the hot blonde woman sitting next to him!), Julius Caesar…


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I keep thinking about how I went through an operation at Lima Memorial to  MRSA from my spine and the doctor screwed it up and left me handicapped not able to walk and I was out of my mind and dying and got airlifted to OSU where four more operations were done and it now seems that the severity of this is sinking in. My morality has been tested. My life has been placed in front of me and every tiny aspect is being observed, analyzed and put in brackets to make more…


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At My Father's 95th Birthday Bash

To put it simply, I cannot remember a time when my father and I got along. He always complained that I “was born a rebel.”

He on the other hand stated, “Anyone can have a family. I have a career.”

He divorced my mother.

I moved out as soon as I could – when I was 17 and had a minimum wage job and a…


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Another day

praying ghosts

I woke up today with a completely different outlook on life. I felt positive and happy and content with my circumstances. I have no idea what brought on this change of emotions but I think it has a lot to do with the real dreaming that I am currently doing. Real dreaming is actually finding yourself in alternative examples of your current life or completely different circumstances.

Another thing that is going on is that I am feeling more creative and not…


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"writers wednesday"


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We Have to Make Our Own Diet Guidelines

I used to think doctors knew about the latest medical research and that they could be relied upon for advice about health.

For starts, they give diet advice.

Here’s an article no doctor I know of has read:


It’s a study of vitamin K2 in the diet. Vitamin K2 is found in meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy, and in a fermented tofu…


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Why I am a Country Mouse

Although I was definitely born a 'City Mouse', I have undergone a kind of metamorphism. I'm quite certain of this because:


I brake for Squirrels that dash across the road in front of my car; in fact, I shed a silent tear when I see any road-kill; the tears are not for the dead, but the carefully hidden family left behind that might be slowly starving now that their parent is gone.


I marvel at a sky-scape that isn't cluttered with Hydro and Telephone wires, and…


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Tonight's post was inspired by a walk through my field, which right now is a mud bog but well, when I want to walk and think, it's still a nice field. It has been through a lot with me; it has been known to inspire many of my blogs! REPOST from another blog I have! Enjoy!

My Dearest Franklin,

I love thee as I love myself, with great passion.

I remember the first time we met; we were both barely out of our childhood, men…


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I Miss You

Miss You

I miss You

I miss Your Smile the first time I saw it I could

not hide My Love.…


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Dressing for a Birthday Party

My family can’t do anything without disagreeing.

It’s true. When you have two Jews in the room, you have at least three opinions.

The latest concerns how to dress for my father’s 95th birthday party.

We are a family of individualists, of all persuasions. Any topic can raise debate. The first suggestion was ties. So, of course a family member asked – “should both genders wear them?” And then one man said he doesn’t own any. And then someone else suggested tying them in…


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Good news that EA is going to surprise FIFA 15 players

Real Madrid 2-4 defeat to BUY FIFA 15 Coins PS4 Milan in Dubai, with a defeat ended in 2014, from the scene point of FIFA 15 view, Real Madrid face Serie A giants accounted for less than advantages, which Ancelotti said that, " A defeat does not hurt us. "

"This defeat does not hurt at all. We have a week of preparation time, we are pretty good in terms of the…

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"Here is what I know about love..."

As I sit to write this, I  have been wondering what it is I know about love.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that there are so many types of love.  So what I know for sure is that there is no one "kind" of love. 

There is the love of a parent, a sibling, a pet, a friend, a intimate partner, a television program, a sport, a travel destination, a vehicle, a type of reading material and the list goes on, but what I do know is that none of these loves are…


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