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Ontario Seniors sign below to ask our Premier to allow seniors to sell their life policies IN Ontario


I just signed the petition, "The Ontario Government: We are concerned Ontario citizens who urge our leaders to act now to change Section 115 of the…


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48 years

My husband and I just celebrated 48 years of marriage. I feel incredibly lucky. Lucky that I met him. Lucky that he has been my friend this long. Lucky that we still enjoy the same things, and doing things together. Lucky that we are still both alive and healthy. But knowing that we have taken care of each other, and can do so again if necessary. We have managed to survive when we both lost our jobs and had to survive on food stamps and…


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Welcome home

Welcome Home Mom

          My mother has become the newest member of our gang here at the nursing home.  When you think things could get no weirder, well they do.

          I haven’t really come to grips with how I feel about this yet.  I know that I am angry over how mom ended up living her…


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One Filmmaker's Point of View on Racism

Over the weekend I attended a movie entitled, “I’m not Racist ... Am I?” by Catherine Wigginton Greene.

Here’s the summary that got me interested in seeing this movie: “What if this next generation could transcend racism? One year, 12 teens, on a remarkable journey to face racism and white privilege, and to have the conversations most of us are too afraid to have. Once they push through naivete, guilt and tears, what…


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Repeating Conversations in My Head

I have a bad habit of repeating conversations in my head.  Or, sometimes, I use past conversations as a model for future conversations and play them in my head.  Either way, I’m having conversations with someone who isn’t there – which I freely admit is insane.

I have sat or walked or tried to go to sleep while these crazy conversations play in my head.  I know exactly how they will go before they finish, but I…


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Paul Watson's Passport Lifted by Stephen Harper

Paul Watson's Passport taken away by Harper Government

I'm not an activist, I'm not a pacifist, I am a 70 year old senior whose main aim in life is peace and tranquility for my remaining years.  Yesterday I was told about the enclosed article and after reading it I am a very concerned Canadian born citizen that this story could happen, and although it happened several years ago it is a sign of what is to come now that Bill C-51 has passed. Seemingly Harper…

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Trying to Give Stuff Away - Free

I’m reorganizing my house and giving away stuff I don’t need.

I had a comfy couch – not new, but certainly presentable.  Habitat for Humanity said they’d take it if it was on the 1st floor.  I…


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        When I got seated at Jack Browning’s new steak house on a Sunday morning alone I immediately thought this was a ridiculous idea and I needed to stop reading all the self-help stories online.  The newest ones were things to do alone and I was doing one of them right now.  I was at a very expensive restaurant…


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The Best Farmers Markets in Toronto

You may think, “Why bother going to a farmer’s market when there’s a grocery store a block away?” 

Farmer’s markets give you the opportunity to eat local, so you know where your food is coming from! There is a larger variety of produce; instead of an orange carrot, why not a purple carrot?

These are all reasons why you should shop at farmer’s markets, and the following are some of the best farmer’s markets in Toronto as featured…


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Weird Conversation at the Airport

I was at the device charging station, keeping m mouth shut while a fellow charger ranted loudly about how Obamacare is worse than having no insurance at all.  I figured anybody who could say that was not interested in, or capable of, a conversation about health insurance.

Then he switched the topic.  He was suddenly angry about Cain killing Abel in Genesis. Cain must have been a truly evil person, and God should…


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Wet Coat

            The dismal and darkness hangs on me like a wet coat that is covered in the rain soaked blood of my memories.

            May this be the essence of survival and may I win the award for withstanding the turmoil for so long.

            I can feel the whisper of a lifetime that…


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The canvas without paints

            The feelings of defeat and closer inevitability to death comes when family members or loved ones inadvertently begin to pull back, to push away just a little from the current normal circumstances.  Whether the actual moving away is true and happening the fact that the one involved in the…


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Lost Creek

Lost Creek

        There’s a little tiny woman here who is named Nellie.  Nellie is all twisted sideways in her wheel chair and always covered with like four blankets.  Her voice is a strained harsh voice that comes from her little frame.

        Right next to her room is Rob’s room.  Rob is deranged…


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My Big Red Monster

My Big Red Monsterby Lois June Wickstrom

A big strong red monster lives under my bed.My brother doesn’t believe me.

My brother says, “There are no monsters! Tell it to come out! I dare you!”

One evening, when my brother isn’t looking, I lean over the…


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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain with Doodles


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Lost Creek - The great transformation

        Out of nowhere, well it had to do with Nathan’s intervention and a couple other things the director decided to move me into a private room where I could have me and all of my art stuff, music stuff and computer electronic stuff.  They moved me today.

        Man what an unbelievably beautiful…


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Why doesn’t my family believe in nepotism?

I wish they did.  I feel like many doors are closed to me because of their belief system.

I totally get why Satan in the Bible stories was mad at God.  Satan had been a good and faithful servant and a friend to God for aeons.  Then along came Jesus and – who gets to inherit the kingdom? The…


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No Exit Chapter Six

Old man Cox    

        The day started out with the rehab moving Annie into a private room because she was now a temporary that would be leaving and going back out into the world.  Annie was in love with the room.  Her computer and all her art supplies were in one location.  She could hold up here…


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No Exit Chapter Five

Findings are unreliable

        Nigel woke up and was pleasantly surprised to feel the flesh of Annie next to him.  It meant that he was back to where he belonged.  Hopefully the nightmares were gone for a while.

        As Nigel lay there he couldn’t think of what he had to do for the day. …


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The Sh*t Monster

The shit monster is at it again tonight.

        It’s unbearable to me but I think it must be a fucking nightmare to him.  Every other…


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