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Learn About LegalShield, available in AB-BC-MB-ON

One year of LegalShield membership costs about the same as lawyers charge for a one hour consultation. Can you afford a situation that takes several hours? Learn about LegalShield

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October update for my "Herbs For Health" page

You are invited to view the October update for my herbal information page at Herbs For Health

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Create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds.

 Shake by LegalShield allows anyone to create, sign and send legally binding agreements in seconds. It's FREE and available on iOS, Android, and the web. LegalShield membership is not required to use Shake by LegalShield

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Ask LegalShield

"Ask by LegalShield" provides free answers to many commonly asked legal questions. Just click: Ask By LegalShield, enter your mobile number in the upper right corner, and get the free link on your smartphone.

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INTRA, From Lifestyles International, Helps People Live Better-Every Day

Lifestyles International combined the ancient knowledge of botanicals with advanced science to create intra in 1992. A proprietary botanical blend,…


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question about dentist in Mexico

Hi, we have a question, is anyone familiar with going to the dentist in Mexico. we have heard so many conflicting stories we would like to find out if it is worthwhile to go to a mexican dentist because the dental work required is very expensive here in Canada.

Thank you Fred and Gerda

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Customer Service and those who suffer it

Is it me? Am I getting sensitive in my later years?

I have worked restaurant and customer service jobs for 45 years now and find serving the public more like being verbally abused of late. People are harder to make happy all the time. And rude...makes me very frustrated.


We are in the middle of lunch and have a run on plain bagels. A man wants a plain bagel and starts yelling at the cashier. The cashier held her tears back and took it until I told the supervisor…


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This analysis is based on Black Desert PS3 online game classic

A texture Black Desert online game, unusually background Black Desert online game environment and attend the same lot, and not up to the Dimension Black Desert Silver online game.You've project never played online Black Desert brave success as metal accessories Rising: Revengeance, and acceptable thing. The Black Desert online game for three years, is expected to create a fun and enjoyable noticeably familiar - although it is not as able as he can get…


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The focus is on the player RuneScape

Like any boss worth his salt, and he presented a plan for a period of three years to fix it.Speaking GamesBeat conference in San Francisco, he joked Wilson said the public still have a job. A feat in itself ', which indicates that at least was to draw attention to the problems that have plagued the EA during his first year at the helm. He also explained that he and Wilson wants to solve this problem by introducing the RuneScape players for the first time. 'The first is to restore the first…


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Healthy Choices Wellness Show

Come out and join us for an incredible show and see our exhibitors, have some fun, win great Door Prizes and help support Because I Am A Girl with ticket sales. …


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Time Stops For No One

One More Day

Let every Man see the morning Sun

and always treasure a new day,

Short are the pages of life`s book

make every day count in the web…


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In Memory of Steve Sherman --Zoomers Blogger

This morning Steve Sherman’s wife Kathleen emailed to say that Steve passed away on Thursday from cancer. Most of you would have known him as Another Steve on Open Salon and Steve S. on Zoomers Canada. Since Open Salon closed, Steve has always been part of an internet foursome which included: Tink,…


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Do the Good Guys Always Win?

Yesterday I talked with a 5-year-old about Hannukah.

He asked me, “Do the good guys always win?”

I know he’s 5, but I had to tell him the truth.

“ Both sides in any war believe that their side is good. But the winners get to write the history books.”

He gave me a blank look. So I told…


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A Letter to Dr. Jane Goodall - Letters from the Edge

Dear Dr. Jane Goodall - I've lost hope for the Earth.

Did you know it's illegal to kill a human being but okay to go out and just randomly kill an animal?


Ain't humans just hairless apes?

We should be able to go and just randomly kill them without becoming police officers or fire chiefs.



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Words for Snow and Water

I grew up hearing that the Inuit have over one hundred words for snow. Nobody could tell me what these words were or what they meant.

Finally, on the web, I found a page that explained the words. They are really phrases combined into words – long words without spaces. The words mean things like snow sparkling in moonlight, snow sparkling in sunlight, hard packed snow, light fluffy snow, avalanche, falling snow,…


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Idiomatic Insults

I don’t keep up with slang. Especially insults. Never have. In junior high, “bitchin” sounded like an insult, so I never used the word.

Lately I have received an email from a man who called me a name I didn’t recognize, followed by a link to his website. He informed me that this term was an insult. He even told me to click the link and “look it up.” Like I care what his made-up insult is supposed to refer to? They’re…


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The wide Path and the Narrow One

When I studied comparative religions in college, I learned the terms Mahayana and Hinayana, meaning the Wide Path and the Narrow Path. I understood that the Hinayana path meant becoming a monk and living in a monastery. I thought maybe the Mahayana path meant going to religious services once a week.

The Mayahana path was for most people and the Hinayana path was for a few people who were simply cut out for…


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Breaking in to a Dead Man's Computer

A client called me. One of her co-workers had gifted her a laptop computer that used to belong to her recently deceased husband. My client wanted me to check it out and put it on her network.

The computer looked okay – the keys were clean, the monitor was clean.

The first screen gave us a choice of Windows 7 or Vista. This indicated that the computer was probably 8 years…


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Art and Science

Taking an art class is a different world from the science world in which I got my BA. Yet there are similarities. Both world teach techniques. Both worlds have expected results as well as surprises. And both worlds teach a new way of seeing.…


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Voodoo Doll on the Refrigerator

A man at Quaker meeting stood to speak the message that was in his heart.

He awoke in the morning to see a voodoo doll on his family’s refrigerator. Someone had given this doll to his wife as a gift.

His wife explained that the doll came with two pins: one for enemies and one for friends. He thought about this, since he is the kind of man who would never intentionally…


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