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A new year - 2015? No way! A writer's challenge -

Every new year, I make a wish list for the new year, most times there's the usual stuff; world peace, a piece of pie, love, a ham sandwich on every other Tuesday.  

So for this list, I will leave those out, as they'll be assumed to be every…


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Reflection: The First Year at The Counter

When Unca Jon, also known as Jonathan Wolfman at Passionate Justice Media, suggested I write something about our first year with The Counter to feature on his podcast, my first feeling…

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Our Cats Wrote A Holiday Letter, Again - Please Someone Stop Them!

Our cats have continued to ignore our pleas and wrote a holiday letter for 2014.

This year King Arthur Le Chat (the black one) wrote the letter. I should have been more suspicious when our computer use increased around mid-November. I thought I’d share his letter…


Added by Steve S on December 16, 2014 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

What's the Appeal of Rudolph?

I think I figured out Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

I was looking for a place to market my revolutionary Thanksgiving story. Spider looked like it might be a good choice, so I read the sample issue online.

It featured a frog version of Rudolph. A little frog with short legs can’t hop and dance like the regular frogs, so they leave her home when they rehearse their show.

But one day, the frogs get in trouble, and the short-legged ones can help…


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Favourite Christmas ~ 2005

Christmas 2005

I woke up this particular Christmas morning with a heavy heart.  I knew it would be the last time I would see my Dad for Christmas as he had been diagnosed with those dreaded words "I'm sorry.  You are terminal" on Thanksgiving Day.  How does a child, no matter how old, deal with the realization that this would be a Christmas that would be remembered for the rest of their life because of the finality of it?

I lay in bed thankful for the…


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the kittties first blog

 sorry have to stop my sister took sick will try again later.

the Kitties

Added by alexander Mollison on December 1, 2014 at 3:27pm — 5 Comments

Don't Give the Police an Excuse

Here I was – sounding off about how Michael Brown was unarmed and the only crime the police officer knew about was jaywalking – and then he shot him dead – emptied his gun into him.

A police officer explained to me that I was couch quarterbacking something I knew nothing about.

When a police officer, or anybody else is trained to use a gun for self-defense, the training includes…


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"Nourish The Children" Offers An Easy Way To Help Starving Children

During this holiday season if YOU share the photo below using the hashtag ‪#‎NUSKINGIVES NuSkin‬ will donate one meal to one child in need each time. Visit Nourish The Children (NTC) for details. Happy Holidays from NuSkin North America.…


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The Calm After the Snow

Below is my Writer Wednesday submission on the topic of SNOW!


The Calm After the Snow

There can be good in a mighty snowfall -- the day after that is.

The night before is different. When the wind shakes your house as if it intends to let itself in to destroy your humble little abode… that brings no happiness.

And when the snow is hard and heavy and pelts your windows in loud, jarring succession as if threatening your…


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On-Call Legal Protection For One Low Monthly Fee

LegalShield has been offering legal plans and identity theft protection since 1972, allowing North Americans to access legal services when needed without first having to consider the cost. Available in 49 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces (ON-BC-AB-MB) For the entire story visit LegalShield  For specific articles about LegalShield please visit …


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Intra Can Help You Live Better-Every Day

Lifestyles International combined the ancient knowledge of botanicals with advanced science to create intra in 1992. A proprietary botanical blend,…


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Blue Cross, Blood and Sweat

Blue Cross wants Blood and Sweat.

Last August, Blue Cross sent me an email that I could have 15% off on my insurance for the year if I got a bunch of blood tests by the end of the month. I hate being popped. I hate discussing my results with a doctor who is out-of-date on the latest research and insists that high cholesterol is dangerous for women. The latest research shows that high cholesterol is protective for…


Added by Geezerchick on November 22, 2014 at 10:48am — 2 Comments

Snow Snow Go Away! Come again another Day - Writer's Challenge

Apparently, the Winter God has decided to give a big snow fest fall to parts of New York State.  

Lake Effect apparently is the name of said God.

Apparently, that God needs to take a break from his job; he has done well.  Parts of the state got one year of snowfall in one day.


I've been through some snow fall in my life.  Nothing even close to seven feet of snow but when I was living in Indiana, one year, we received 3 feet of…


Added by Jason Giecek on November 22, 2014 at 3:33am — 5 Comments

It’s the Return of Writer Wednesday!

If you’re a blogger looking for inspiration and connecting with an audience, then this weekly challenge is for you.

How it Works


Step 1:

Every Wednesday we’ll issue a theme or topic as your inspiration.

Step 2:



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Santa and His Elves Gathered in the great workshop by the

warm fireplace .

Mrs. Claus is coming with a big plate of goodies for all to…


Added by wayne w. bastin on November 17, 2014 at 8:43pm — No Comments

Must Tigers Eat Only Vegetables?

I attended a Mindfulness Workshop at which the leaders read some of their favorite poems. Two lines have stuck with me:

For us to know peace, is it necessary that there be no war anywhere in the world?…


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I've Become Part of the Problem

I have been known to make mistakes on my taxes. The feds and the state send me corrections to my taxes, usually in their favor. They show me where I made my errors, much like a school teacher.

So, this year, I was pleased when the city of Philadelphia put up a self-calculating tax form. All I had to do was copy numbers from my schedule C – total income and total profit. The form calculated the rest. I paid the city what it said I owed. I thought I was done.

Yesterday, I… Continue

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and then...

Serenading the beasts

aldient mountains

I saw a quote from the new book, “The afterlife of Billy Fingers” which said, “Imagine yourself with no limitations only potential”. I thought about this and I think there have been only a handful of people who we can say accomplished this. Imagine if everyone was able to live that way. Imagine if we all had no limitations, only potential..I can't decide if it would be a good thing or bad thing. Imagine if you will that everything that…


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           THE TREE                                                   The Tree Was So Beautiful Loaded With Silver Bells                          Candy Sticks  Tinsel  And Pine Cones                 …

           THE TREE

                        The Tree Was So Beautiful Loaded With Silver Bells…

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