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Tales of Used Underwear and the Royal Panties on Ebay

The Queen's drawers are for sale on Ebay and they could be yours for an opening bid of $3,000. The famous late Miami playboy "Baron" Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, now known for possession of the royal panties, was once famous for allowing scenes from the 1972 Deep Throat to be shot in his…


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Why my book "The Christmas Sock" was never published

"Celeste the sock was getting a good soak. Immersed in laundry soap and hot water, she swished around, glad to have a good wash. Somehow she had been worn two days in a row and she was becoming ‘toned’. She belonged to a book seller who preferred the word ‘toned’ to ‘yellow'."

Four years ago I wrote a children's story called "The Christmas Sock". In my neurotic mind I…


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Musings about Vibrating Appliances and Other Dirty Laundry

It’s 6:20 P.M. Friday night and my baked potato is bouncing up and down on my table. I know for a fact that it's Friday because Sam down the hall plays his death metal music at an ear splitting volume for 1.5 hours every week.  He will eventually wander off to his local punk club and then "Mr. Reggae" will crank up his tunes on the other side of the hall.


Nothing bothers me anymore except when the neighbour on the left starts some sort of band practice with amplifiers at 11…


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Tap Dancing My Way Through the Limelight In My Granny Panties

Zillions of years ago on one of my quarterly buying trips to New York City my friend Melinda decided I should experience the Limelight Club at least once in my life. Seeing it was an old church…


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The Intervention of the Grow-Op Bears by 90210 - an update



This morning I received an email from Help Save the BC Black Bears on Facebook. Calgarian Doreen McCrindle has become the human voice for bears that cannot speak for themselves, as she says. She wants Canadian government support for older bears and sows with cubs that may have spent their entire lives relying on humans for food. Instead of putting them to death when caught she wants non-lethal options, like putting the bruins in a zoo or…


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Weird and Wacky Wooden Woman Wows Widower

In one of my favourite movies, Weekend at Bernie’s Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman drag their dead boss around the Hamptons so no one would find out he was dead.

Heh, wasn’t Andrew McCarthy also in that 80’s movie called“Mannequin” with Kim Cattrall?

Could any of this happen in real life?



Last fall while driving down Erie Blvd in Syracuse, New York I saw these two and thought that the man had made some sort of scarecrow for his garden.…


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Is Arnold Schwarzenegger Your Baby's Daddy?

I completed today’s blog last night and let Steve take a look at it.  I asked him if he liked it and he said it was okay. But it was the tone of the word "okay" I didn’t like.

He said he did not understand all the cat pictures and did not care for Arnold and called him a pussy. I looked at him and laughed and said,




I sat there and deleted most of my cat pictures except three and…


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Remedies for Everything but a Lobotomy- Believe it or Not!

Yesterday I was reading a great book by Joey Green who wrote the Magic Brands book. I love these books that give you all these solutions to cure everything in the world - even exorcism.  Of course I have to disagree with some of them and thought I would share.

Here is a good one for allergies:

Cut open the sides of several trash bags and wrap your mattress and pillows with plastic bags. Tape it into place to prevent dust mites from burrowing into your…


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Helpful Hints before Burying Your Husband in the Backyard

  question          What happened to 74-year-old Novato, California resident Dale Smith? His wife Evelyn age 55 never mentioned he had left to anyone until two weeks ago. She had told a questioning neighbour Phil Olbranz that her honey was missing and then started talking about her spouse in the past tense. So the concerned good neighbour did what anyone else would do and called the police.  Cadaver dogs were brought to the home and found poor Dale’s body buried in the backyard.



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Never Combine Sex Toys with Power Tools & other Oddities

      saw   A few months ago I wrote a blog about vibrating appliances and some readers were quite disappointed that I had not touched upon another subject. Well today the time has come. I read yesterday that in May of 2009 a woman from Maryland was injured from a vibrator that was attached to a saber saw blade. It was ridiculous foreplay and it could have killed someone.


According to the NBC news her husband had attached it to the saw after reading about it on the…


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The Symphony of the Louisville Slugger and Sam Bat

Tucked away on Industrial Avenue, in Carleton Place lies Sam Bat, The Original Maple Bat Corporation. Did you know about it?

The Original Maple Bat Corporation was founded by Sam Holman, inventor of the patented Sam Bat, who introduced the first approved maple wood bat to…


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The Possibilities of Mating and Dating on Craigslist

I have a friend who cannot find a nice man to hang around with. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are tons of men out there that would love to date her on but they just do not seem to meet her expectations, which are not that high.


She has met some and either they are 20 years older than their picture or they come a courting with a lot of gold chains and a sexy attitude. She is now at the end of her contract with the online love site and is going to cancel…


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