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What Would You Do For a Hat Trick?

This week our local Museum curator Jennifer Fenwick Irwin was listening to a hockey game playing in the next room. Actually she emailed me today and said it was the same room. That's right, we Canadian women do pay attention sometimes to Hockey Night in Canada, and it's not for the stylish whims of Don Cherry either. Irwin heard the hockey term '"Hat trick”, and questioned her husband about the term. Since I could not explain it under 1000 words of nonsense, here is the description…


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If You Die in Canada Do You Die in Real Life?





Some Americans think Canada is like Mario World but with …


Added by Linda Seccaspina on September 30, 2013 at 7:30am — 10 Comments

Weird News from North of the Border- Canada Eh?


I decided to begin this blog…


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Gay Proposals- Will We Ever See This on American TV?

What are the chances of ever seeing something like this on American television? I would say nearly impossible in most places at this point with states battling back and forth on even allowing gay marriages and rights. 

What would happen if it happened in front of tens of  thousands of American sports fans live?  Well, maybe it would pass at the AT&T Park in San Francisco, but no place else that I can think…


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Big Lebowski Thoughts about Snow Storms and Stolen Cars

                In response to Zoomers Weekly Writing Challenge- "The First Snowfall"


The first gentle snow of the year cascaded out of the sky as Angelo and our sons exited the Carleton Place Arena. A difficult hockey game had been won and smiles were plastered on my sons’ faces until Angelo stopped and stared at a now empty parking spot. They had parked the Jeep Cherokee only a few hours before…


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Paulina Gretzky Benched by “Father Wayne” for Improper Twitter Passes

Paulina Gretzky was recently sent to the penalty box by her father legendary Wayne Gretzky for the 24,000 flip-shot photos she sent down Twitters centre ice. Gretzky’s Twitter page consisted of more than a hat trick of racy photos depicting her controversial lifestyle funded by Mum…


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The "Sexiest Man" Dead or Alive Awards - The Canadian Edition


When you think of Canada most people think of the Mounted Police, Beavers, Moose and Poutine. They do not realize that along with maple syrup we have some real handsome men. This week's edition of People magazine has chosen Bradley Cooper as their choice of the "Sexiest Man Alive". I agree he might be…


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The Possibilities of Mating and Dating on Craigslist

I have a friend who cannot find a nice man to hang around with. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are tons of men out there that would love to date her on but they just do not seem to meet her expectations, which are not that high.


She has met some and either they are 20 years older than their picture or they come a courting with a lot of gold chains and a sexy attitude. She is now at the end of her contract with the online love site and is going to cancel…


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