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Unraveling the Mystery of Weight Loss

If you try to stay current on the latest insights on weight loss, you quickly realize how multifaceted the issue is. Like a three-dimensional kaleidoscope, the picture is constantly changing.

The following items provide insight into obesity as the new social norm, the impact of yo-yo dieting, one person’s 300-pound weight loss and the surprising success of virtual weight-loss programs:

Is Obesity the New Norm? Surplus weight and …


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Good News on the Fitness and Weight Loss Front

On any given day, reading the newspaper can lead one to believe that the fate of humankind is doomed. With the advent of global communications, we learn instantly of bad news anywhere on the planet on a 24/7 basis. This unending stream of threatening bulletins makes it important to note positive trends. Here are five positive developments in fitness and weight loss to counter the otherwise negative stream of news:

Obesity Is the New Smoking: According to recent…


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Research on Fat Is Rich with Possibilities

Given the research of hundreds of scientists around the world, we should have seen the breakthrough development coming. In 2021, scientists found a fat gene that could be switched off with a safe, inexpensive medical procedure. Millions rushed to solve their lifelong battle with surplus pounds, thereby adding years to their lives and reducing their risks for chronic or even fatal medical problems. Health insurance premiums plummeted as demand for medical care declined.



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Breakthroughs in Diabetes—Prevention, Treatment and Cure

Given the alarming rise in the incidence of diabetes (or diabesity, a recently coined term suggesting the link between obesity and diabetes), researchers and health educators are struggling to come up with solutions to treat—or reverse—the trend. From early intervention to severe diets that cure diabetes, here are the latest reports:

Diabetes Epidemic Affects 300 Million Adults…


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Fitness Support for Teens and Young Adults

About a third of the young men and women recruited by the army are "too fat to fight." That alarming statistic, along with health concerns, has prompted the introduction of innovative programs to promote fitness among young adults. Five promising programs are detailed below:

Online Health Community for Teens: Teens seeking to lose or gain weight, stop a…


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Forks and Feet: The Ultimate Healthcare Solution

When Cassius said that “the fault, dear Brutus,is not in our stars, but in ourselves,” he wasn’t referring to causes of life-threatening medical problems, such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. But today’s research seems to confirm Cassius’s philosophy. That is, many of the most serious health problems we may face as individuals and as a nation are a function of our daily choices of what to eat and whether to exercise.

According to the following studies, the decisions we…


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Obesity: Getting to the Heart of the Matter in Perceptions, Physicians’ Roles and Environmental Design

Viewing the issue of obesity is like viewing a kaleidoscope—every time you turn the scope, you see a different pattern, a different dimension of the problem. The issue may involve medical, economic, psychological, educational, spiritual or even architectural issues. The results of the following research and trends create today’s mosaic:

Is Obesity the New Norm? As the problem of obesity continues to expand, our perception of who is—and who is not—obese has shifted… Continue

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Obesity Is a Family Matter

Twenty years ago, medical experts began sounding the alarm about the rising incidence of adult obesity and the attendant medical problems, such as diabetes, stroke, cancer and heart disease. (Mom and Dad weighed too much.) Then the spotlight shifted downward as surprising numbers of teenagers packed on pounds.… Continue

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Weight Loss and Obesity: Understanding the Brain’s Architecture

The neuroscience of obesity is still in its infancy. Each week, we learn more about the intricate interplay between mind and body. Some of the conclusions of researchers are intuitive. Others are counterintuitive. Some results support the notion that obesity is dictated by genetic coding or lifestyle; other studies assert that obesity is an increasing problem for all mammals, independent of the species.

If you’re like me, you evaluate the expanding stream of information and glean… Continue

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The Addictive Nature of Food and How Overeating Rewires the Brain

Controversy continues to grow over the question of whether food is addictive, as nicotine, heroin and methamphetamines are. Does overeating rewire the brain permanently? And if food is addictive, what is the role of government in protecting citizens? Read on for the latest on these contentious issues.

Is Food Addictive? Researchers are considering the idea that the urge to overeat may be caused by the same…


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Back to School Fitness Tips: Fitness + Health = Better Grades

The strong link between physical fitness and academic achievement, as reported by eMaxHealth, means that the way your family eats and exercises influences your child’s success at school. But the alarming number of overweight children—one in three, according to KidsHealth—tells us that raising a child with a healthy body weight is getting… Continue

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Body Activism Tackles the Impossible Dream

Pick a teenager girl you know. Almost any girl will be do. Ask her to describe her body.

Chances are she’ll begin by telling you what’s wrong with it. Maybe her waist is too thick, maybe her eyes are too far apart, or perhaps she feels her belly isn’t flat enough. Maybe she thinks her calves aren’t shapely or her behind is too big.

Odds are good that she will not volunteer what she likes about her body—especially her good health, a feature she may overlook or take for…

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Plant the Seeds and Watch Them Know

Kids today grow up amid a welter of junk-food advertisements and calorie-crazy fast-food joints. The numbers are startling: nearly one-fifth of our nation’s 4-year-olds are obese. Over 17 percent of children aged 12-19 are obese—triple the figure in 1980. And the percentages are even… Continue

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