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McSpicy! Spicy McNuggets from McDonalds - Catfights!

The new item on the dollar menu -Spicy Chicken McBites is not the only hot thing at McDonalds. It seems like it's the place to be if you want to see catfights by the McFlurry of them now available on YouTube. 



Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 30, 2012 at 8:30pm — 7 Comments

So You Want to Move to Canada Eh?

Yesterday after the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare hundreds of disgruntled citizens of the United States immediately ran to Twitter to express their personal dissatisfaction. A lot of people exclaimed they were immediately moving to Canada, where life is supposedly grand.

Do they not understand that Canada is a …

Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 29, 2012 at 12:00am — 28 Comments

6 Seconds of Cowansville High School - Vanishing Heritage-Architectural and Personal Part 1

           Part 1-  Vanishing Heritage-Architectural
Last week a simple photo of one of Cowansville's first homesteads popped up on the Facebook blog thanks to Paul…

Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 28, 2012 at 7:00pm — 2 Comments

"Sex in the Pan" Memories - A Fashion Violation Photo Essay

 flu  This morning "What Not to Wear" had somehow blasted into my TV air space. I absolutely do not care for those makeover shows, and I can honestly say I hate them.

Is it necessary to throw someone semi-naked in front of 3D mirrors when they know exactly what image they will see?  Of course the individual is not surprised at what's looking back at her, but the audience sure is. 

According to the hosts who have way…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 28, 2012 at 5:00pm — 11 Comments

How to Walk Your Human - A Gateway Drug for Cat Videos


I am severely allergic to cats and my last bout on Friday  had me down for the weekend. Because of the emotional loss of not being able to get near a cat I often read things about cats.

Actually, I am quite obsessed!…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 27, 2012 at 2:30pm — 15 Comments

6 Seconds of Cowansville High School - "The One About Disappearing Friends"

My childhood friend Sheila Wallet kept every letter and piece of paper that I had ever sent to her from 1973-1989. Sheila emailed me last year and asked me if I wanted all the old letters and newspaper clippings I had sent her throughout the years.  When I received them they were neatly piled and carefully dated with the envelopes stapled to the letters. I had never seen anything like this and questioned whether my friend had OCD or was she…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 26, 2012 at 7:30pm — No Comments

Tropical Storm Thoughts of Heatwaves, Food, Sex and Wal-Mart

Please play while reading




The heat in Georgia finally got to two co-workers at the Milton Wal-Mart on Windward Parkway last Saturday. Dorothy Kemp, 63, and Marissa Moody, 56, were giving out samples in the produce section when they got into an argument over a cutting board.  The victim told Atlanta's Channel 2 's reporter Mike Petchenik that she had issues with her fellow…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 26, 2012 at 4:30pm — 13 Comments

Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter or Historical Ouija Board Enthusiast?

Indiana, 1818. Moonlight falls through the dense woods that surround a one-room cabin, where a nine-year-old Abraham Lincoln kneels at his suffering mother's bedside. She's been stricken with something the old-timers call "Milk Sickness."


"My baby boy..." she whispers before dying.


Only later will the grieving Abe learn that his mother's fatal affliction was actually the work of a vampire.


When the truth…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 25, 2012 at 3:00pm — 23 Comments

Is Someone Playing a Real "Angry Birds" Game with Us?

Last summer I had the opportunity to meet a woman I will call "The Bird Woman of Carleton Place". Once in awhile she comes and feeds the Canadian Geese at the Mississippi Lake Park while she sits on a picnic table in her own little world. 

When I asked her if I could take her picture she declined as she told me that she did not really exist. One knows better than to argue with someone like that so I talked with her about birds and nature for a little while. I told her of…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 24, 2012 at 12:00pm — 20 Comments

6 Seconds of Cowansville High School - 1963- The Year the Memory Files Began to Disappear


In my mind the year 1963 was a year that none of us should have ever forgotten. I already had suffered a loss on September 27th when my mother Bernice Crittenden Knight died from lymphoma at the age of 34. The months that followed were not happy ones for me but no one could have prepared us for what was to happen on November 22nd of that year.

I will always remember the somber words of our principal Mr. Bowen on the intercom Friday, November 22, 1963. He announced to the students…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 21, 2012 at 7:00pm — 1 Comment

Do We Really Need Indoor Dog Poop Mats? A Porch Potty Rant

Today I am not going to vent about puppy pads for dog potty training, but more or less have a literary fit about the new:

"I'm too lazy to bring my dog outside, so I’ll just buy this rug of fake grass and put it in a corner of a room in my home while I sit and do nothing about training my dog to go outside.” pad.…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 21, 2012 at 4:00pm — 13 Comments

Man Has 100 Pound Balls - South Park Episode Becomes Reality!

High on the scrotum pole of odd stories this week comes this doozie out of Las Vegas.

Famed Dr. Oz has offered 100-pound scrotum owner Welsey Warren Jr. free removal surgery in exchange for exclusive interview rights. Warren declined the offer because allegedly he does not wish to lose the fame he has acquired. This rare lower condition creates excess water fluid that collects around…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 20, 2012 at 4:30pm — 23 Comments

6 Seconds of Cowansville High School - Smoking, Corporal Punishment and Leg Slapping



This week I wanted to know what the worst thing CHS students did in school as none of us were angels. When I began writing this I asked a few local neighbourhood kids what they had done in school. Times have most certainly changed and when one told me he had lived in detention until Grade 10 I had no trouble believing him.

Another told me he jumped out of a school window in Grade 6 and got a huge gash on his leg because of…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 19, 2012 at 7:30pm — 4 Comments

I am a Freegan! The Big Ideas of Freeganism

"Freegans are dumpster divers who rescue furniture, clothes, household items and even food cast off by others. Freegans aren't homeless; in fact, most could easily afford to buy their own food. They've instead chosen to live what they believe is an ethical, unadulterated lifestyle and disassociate themselves from capitalism and consumerism.The word freegan is a combination of "free" -- as in it's free because you found it in a dumpster." - …


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 19, 2012 at 4:30pm — 28 Comments

Rock of Ages - The Balding Death of Hair Metal Bands

This weekend I saw the rock musical film Rock of Ages and 20 minutes after it began I was back in the 80's remembering every wonderful second. I swear I had worn every outfit in that movie except the flower print dress and almost got mental whiplash air-dancing to each song that was played.

I cannot remember the very second that hair metal music suddenly slipped away, but in the course of a year it began to lose its steam. It began quietly with the music…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 18, 2012 at 6:00pm — 25 Comments

Are you Being Mugged For Your Drugs?

Andrew Strempler was arrested in Florida last week, yet very few people outside of Canada know who he is. Strempler was one of the first Canadians that dared offer cheaper drugs to Americans by operating a cross-border online pharmacy. Presently Andrew is facing charges in Miami related to the sale of foreign and counterfeit medicine, according to Huffington…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 17, 2012 at 11:00am — 6 Comments

6 Seconds of Cowansville High School - School Spirit and Thoughts from The Early and Late Bloomers

This week the 1973 film American Graffiti was brought up in conversation and I decided to ask everyone where they were in the year of '62.  Most of us on the Facebook board were still hitting the candy stores in those days but there are older 60's teenagers in our group and we wanted to know what Cowansville's very own Curt Henderson and Steve Bolander were up to.



Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 14, 2012 at 7:30pm — 4 Comments

When The Internet Goes Where No Man has Gone Before - Space: The Final Frontier

A lone yellow triangle with an exclamation mark appears on the bottom of my screen. Immediately I wait, and then wait some more. Fifteen minutes later the yellow exclamation mark is now peppered into my words because the worst thing has happened.

Error 106 (net::ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED): The Internet connection has been lost.

What do I do now?

"I'm losing command!"

Captain James T.…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 14, 2012 at 5:00pm — 16 Comments

Lindsay Lohan's Excuses For Not Doing Math Homework!

In an inspiring moment a 17-year-old senior graduating from The Lethbridge Collegiate Institute in Alberta had no excuses why her math homework was submitted late. Canadian Kara Koskowich turned 75 pieces of it into a stunning graduation dress. Her left-over homework was sewn into a one-shoulder peplum trimmed creation with a contrasting neon post-it-notes belt. Koskowich's BFF Dorothy Graham was equally creative sporting a dress made out of plastic…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 13, 2012 at 5:30pm — 16 Comments

6 Seconds of Cowansville High School - Can You Ever Go Back Home?

The last time I stepped inside the town limits of Cowansville, Quebec was to visit my kitchen table mum Agnes Rychard. Agnes is not my mother but her door was always open to my late sister Robin and we became part of what I call her kitchen table family. Some days I wonder if some of us who have not lived there in years could go back and slip back into the old routine of days gone by? Would things be the same or are we destined to look back and talk about the…


Added by Linda Seccaspina on June 12, 2012 at 7:00pm — 9 Comments

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