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Technicolor Dreams, (and Ponderosa Eye's)

I remember this just as vivid now, as it had happened then, and it has been over half a century. My father had been gone for over a year and a half, and I missed him more than anything. He was in the army, a military lifer, stationed in Germany. He would always take us with him when he was transferred to a new army post, but because of my mom, he went to Germany alone, and left us in North Carolina. I hated it.

My mom would not go to Germany, because she was afraid to fly. My dad, did…


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I Am Not My Parents (They wouldn't have me)

My mother is 80 years old and my father would have been 85, and they grew up as poor as church mice. Although my dad grew up on a farm, with 375 acres of prime farm land, in those days farmers were not "land rich", like they are today. No, they were "dirt poor" and proud of it. They didn't believe in selling their souls, or the deeds to their land, to a bank or finace company sharks, like todays farmers. 

They didn't live in big opulent houses like todays farmers, while everyone in…


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For Military Families~Thank You~

Black Kid in fatigues


I've read a lot of posts on Emily's Open Call about the moment you felt "Most American". I really think it's a silly question and wasn't going to write anything until I got to thinking about it. If you don't see a symbol of this nation's flag at least 10 times a day somewhere you are not looking very hard. The American Flag is everywhere, from  billions of bumpers to zillion's of tiny flags…


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Dude Looked Like a Lady...,

I just read Cranky's post about his experiences in life with living and learning about homosexuals. Great post too, Cranky. It reminded me of something that happened to me when I was just a young pup and had just finished training school in the army and was…

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