Big Music Companies Trying to Buy Bill C-11

Canadian Music Industry Takes Aim At Google, Facebook, Reddit &...

Wednesday February 29, 2012
by Michael Geist

In addition to these demands, the industry wants to remove the extension of fair dealing to cover parody or satire, remove the provision protecting user generated content from the bill, create new takedown requirements for Internet providers, and increase the limit on statutory damages for infringement from those found in the bill.

In other words, they can rip off your original stuff but they want to bankrupt you if they suspect you are using theirs. Say goodbye to the Garage Bands you liked as a kid, say goodbye to any sort of home market for Canadian Culture.

This is like the NHL Owners wanting to take over street hockey and charging your grandkids for playing.

Just one more thing we will have to get on our MPs about, to make sure they're afraid to cave in to the big money being waved in front of their noses.

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