Canada Declares BPA Toxic! "No Reason For Consumer Concern"

No, there are lots of reasons for concern. BPA is a toxic chemical that has been proven to have many unwanted effects on the human body. WHAT BISPHENOL A DOES IN YOUR BODY.

Teenagers are at extreme risk because TEENS CARRY 30% MORE BPA THAN REST OF POPULATION  Even though there have been no studies in human teenagers, animal studies have found that BPA confuses gender identity. TEEN MICE EXPOSED TO LOW LEVELS OF BPA BEHAVE LIKE OPPOSITE SEX AS .... "There are hypotheses that bisphenol A, or BPA in the environment could be triggering early puberty." is the question asked in IS PUBERTY IN GIRLS COMING TOO SOON?

Younger children absorb BPA in the soup and other foods they eat. KIDS SOUP CANS CONTAIN BPA TOXINS. But this does not stop advertising agencies from targeting young kids to eat products known to have high levels of BPA. BPA IN CANNED FOODS MARKETED TO KIDS, GROUP WARNS.

And among men in general BPA reduces their ability to attract females. IS CHEMICAL [BPA] IN PLASTIC ROBBING MEN OF SEX APPEAL? Even grown men are not safe at work. WORKPLACE BPA TIED TO MALE SEX PROBLEMS.

And women are at higher risk of breast cancer from this chemical. COULD BPA PRESIDPOSE GIRLS TO BREAST CANCER?


You can't even buy non-tainted food without being exposed to BPA in the receipt you get at the checkout. BISPHENOL A IS UBIQUITOUS IN RECEIPTS.

Of course the Chemical Industry is using every excuse it can drag up from the bottom of its barrel of toxic tricks to fight further legislation and action against BPA. HOW LOBBYISTS ARE SPINNING WEAK SCIENCE TO DEFEND BPA. They draw their conclusions when they haven't even measured the dosages of BPA given to the subjects. And BPA manufacturers, including the infamous Koch Bros., donate hoards of money to Cancer agencies in order to block their denunciations of BPA.


The list of Komen sponsors that use BPA include the Coca-Cola Bottling Company (which says BPA is safe, but that it is nonetheless looking for alternatives for its canned soda) and General Mills, which still uses the chemical in most canned foods but did recently introduce BPA-free organic tomato cans. Another sponsor is Georgia-Pacific, a subsidiary of famously anti-regulation Koch Industries and major manufacturer of epoxy resins that contain BPA.

Even the cancer drugs given to patients are not safe from the effects of BPA. STUDY: BPA ... BLOCK BREAST CANCER DRUGS.

Even though Canada has outlawed BPA it is still allowed in the products we use. This chemical must be removed from all products worldwide and its production shut down.

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Comment by Keith Rankin on October 4, 2011 at 9:28pm

This short note deals with chemicals, even if they are not in food cans and plastic containers. I sprayed Garlon, a phenoxy herbicide, like Agent Orange, for the former, Ontario Hydro. This is a defoliant and is used to kill tree growth under power lines. Yes, I had cataracts removed and I had a whole litany of chemical injuries.


I first have had to deal with the chriminals at Hydro and then the criminals at WSIB. I was put on light duty, then laid off, of course. The activities of both organizations are well known. I have over 10 pounds of paper dealing with all of this.


There are a few communities in Ontario that have had enough sense to not allow Hydro to spray this poison on their turf. One of the Hydro officials wrote to the Little Current news and said, "It promoted healthy fauna and flora." (Well anyone can understand that blind animals and children do better than sighted ones!) Pay a fool enough money and "the world will be declared square." There was an article about truth adjusting in the Utne News, The Elements of Press Release Style; subtitled, A guide to concise obfuscation..."


And Dow, the makers of this poison were fined $2 million by the New York Attorney General's Office. Their claim: "... if ingested, Garlon 3A has low toxicity when compared to many sustances... table salt is about as toxic as Garlon 3A; and caffeine is 15 times more toxic than Garlon 3A." Shame on you for drinking coffee - when you could be drinking Garlon.


Truth Adjusting! Well it pays in the billions!


Keith Rankin



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