I've always been intrigued by Michio Kaku, physicist -

Michio Kaku, physicist - Re: Higher Dimensions

My own fascination with higher dimensions began early in childhood. One of my
happiest childhood memories was crouching next to the pond at the famed Japanese
Tea Garden in San Francisco, mesmerized by the brilliantly colored carp swimming
slowly beneath the water lilies. In these quiet moments, I would ask myself a
silly question that a only child might ask: how would the carp in that pond view
the world around them? Spending their entire lives at the bottom of the pond,
the carp would believe that their "universe" consisted of the water and the
lilies; they would only be dimly aware that an alien world could exist just
above the surface. My world was beyond their comprehension. I was intrigued that
I could sit only a few inches from the carp, yet we were separated by an immense
chasm. I concluded that if there were any "scientists" among the carp, they
would scoff at any fish who proposed that a parallel world could exist just
above the lilies. An unseen world beyond the pond made no scientific sense. Once
I imagined what would happen if I reached down and suddenly grabbed one of the
carp "scientists" out of the pond. I wondered, how would this appear to the
carp? The startled carp "scientist" would tell a truly amazing story, being
somehow lifted out of the universe (the pond) and hurled into a mysterious
nether world, another dimension with blinding lights and strange-shaped objects
that no carp had ever seen before. The strangest of all was the massive creature
responsible for this outrage, who did not resemble a fish in the slightest.
Shockingly, it had no fins whatsoever, but nevertheless could move without them.
Obviously, the familiar laws of physics no longer applied in this nether world!
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Comment by goldie080 on January 13, 2011 at 7:31am

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Comment by goldie080 on January 9, 2011 at 10:34pm

This is a webpage where questions are answered on a Wednesday:





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