Lesson 15 – Everything Can Change in the Blink of an Eye. But Don’t Worry; God doesn’t Blink.

Lesson 15

Reflections on life based upon the book “God Never Blinks” 50 Lessons for Life’s Little Detours” by Regina Brett

Everything Can Change in the Blink of an Eye. But Don’t Worry; God doesn’t Blink.

This story is based upon a priest, Father Mike, who lived in Cleveland. One day while out of town he received a call that his church had burned down and all his worldly possessions had burnt up. When he got back he faced more bad news, that his friend, Father Willy, a fellow priest had perished in the fire. To make things worse, they found out that Brother Daniel, who worked with the priests had actually killed Father Willy.

Obviously Father Mike faced a very difficult challenge and was struggling with his loss when a patron appeared. “How are you?” she asked. He told the truth, “I have nothing.” She looked at him and said three words that changed his life: “You have us.” Obviously she was God sent, because God misses nothing when we are in need – and sent her as his shinning light and through her kindness he was able to move forward with his life.

Obviously I could focus on her kindness of this woman or Father Mike’s ability to overcome his hardship, but I took a different spin on this.

For my self I decided to focus of Father Mike’s selfish side. How he was consumed in his loss. Then I chose to focus on how difficult it must be to be human when faced with all the trappings of being put on a pedestal of perfection. Yes even priests fall prey to their external possessions and their ego. Yes the loss of his friend is tragic and I’m not heartless, however it was the word “Nothing” that caught my attention here – which includes more than his friend Father Willy. I’m not picking on Father Mike here – I think his behavior is natural for a human – but isn’t he supposed to have Godly behavior and show us how to live free of simple human trappings and selfish behavior.

Priests, policemen, politicians etc. are no different from any of us. They are human and they feel just like we do and obviously are made up of the exact same parts. So why is it that we seem to demand perfection from some of our fellow humans based upon the vocation they choose? In fact it’s as if we want them to be something none of us can be – PERFECT – we want them to show us that it’s possible to attain this God perceived flawless behaviour and if they don’t we want to crucify them immediately – because they let us down and if they can’t do it how will we ever do it. I also believe it comes back at us when holy people push us to be flawless as well and condemn our inappropriate behavior.

Personally I think we are everything – we have it all in us – from Hitler to Mother Teresa. From there it becomes a personal choice – BUT – we can never remove our evil nor can we remove our good. Which means it’s always potentially possible and creates great strife when we try and ride ourselves of our negative (EVIL) thoughts. In any case if you believe in God – accept it he – she gave them to us.

OK so maybe God doesn’t blink, maybe he’s cool that we have flaws. So then it must be just human behavior to judge because if God loves us unconditionally and he’s not kick some butt when people make mistakes – we better help him out and show him how it’s done.

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Comment by Charles O'Dale on February 9, 2011 at 3:10pm

Which god?


The book of fairy tales states that there are "other" gods.


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