National Feral Cat Day: An Animated GIF PSA

Not so long ago, many cared little about these near-wild creatures, which were regarded by most as nuisance felines that barely related to our own sweet lap kitties.


But thanks to the world of alley cat friends, feral cats are now getting their due: regular food, vaccinations, and understanding that these beauties can still be respected despite their inability to live as house pets.


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On October 16, 2011, National Feral Cat Day will celebrate, educate and host spay/neuter activities to spotlight the plight of these shadowy cats. Hosted by the non-profit Alley Cat Allies, whose goal is to promote "life-saving and life-protecting" measures, especially in regards to ending the killing of cats in shelters. (A reported 7 of every 10 cats that enter a shelter are killed, whereas for ferals it's almost 100%.) 


We thought we bring attention to the issue the only way we know how. Herewith, our National Feral Cat Day Animated GIF PSA:



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Comment by Avril Finesilver on October 13, 2011 at 11:08am
I look after feriles  daily.  Feed them and try to give them some kind of shelter.  I have four that have been in my home for over 2 years, a mother and three kittens(really not kittens anymore!)  I took them in, and have had to keep them separate from our other cats.  I had no choice but to bring them in as a neighbour called the spca to have them trapped and taken to the shelter.  I knew that if I didn't that they would all be put down.  They are euthanized in as little as three days.  I've managed to get the mother and son fixed, with the help of a local cat rescue.  I paid half, they paid half.  The two little girls are still very tiny and haven't been spay yet.  I've been trying to find homes for these darling cats for over two years.  My 91 year old mother has had to move in with us and we're running out of room and time!  I can't keep them any longer than a few more weeks.  It's not fair to them, as they have a small area of the house and would be great indoor/outdoor cats for someone with a house in the country.  Someone told me there is something called a "ferile barn," where ferile cats are given a home.  I have tried to find out where it is and if I can get them to take these four cats.  It seems that a lot of the cat rescue's don't help people like me who consistently care for feriles.  Right now, I am feeding 3 kittens, their mother who is going to have more babies any day and 2 male cats who were obviously house cats, but were no longer wanted.  My son made a temporary shelter under our porch, until we can get some help to get them homes.  I have one neighbour that has begun to help me with the food, as it's getting more and more expensive, as more cats come.  She has also taken in one of the male kittens, as she has 2 other cats.  Unfortunately, none of the other people in my neighbourhood help,even though many have or had pets.  I would like to know if anyone out there knows about this"ferile barn" and if they can help me get the mother and her 3 kittens to be given homes there.  I just can't manage to care and keep them anymore.  I'm completely over-whelmed.  I have 3 cats, all strays that we took in.  I just don't have the room, ability or money to keep the feriles indefinitely.   When I saw the article and pictures about the "ferile cat day," I thought maybe someone would reach out and help me to get these sweet cats homes or preferably, so they can still stay together, a home for all at the "ferile barn?"  If anyone out there could help me get them a home there, I would be be eternally grateful!  I cannot keep them much longer and can't give them up to the spca.
Comment by goldie080 on October 13, 2011 at 5:00am

Golly, that last photo almost looks like my old buddy, Malcolm, see:


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