Last Friday started out like any other day. Back over Labor Day we drove to Kansas and got ourselves a couple of puppies from a breeder. They are fox wire haired terriers. Fun dogs, usually pretty smart and generally not hard to train. It has been a challenge training two at once, but progress has been made. Part of the process has been to have my husband stop by at lunch time and take them out and give me a break.

So last week that is what took place. My husband came home. I was preparing some soup. When he came through the door, he took the dogs out for a walk and I started to go back into the dining room to set the table for lunch. I was coming back into the kitchen and fell. I tripped over a chew bone that I did not see, as I was looking over at the stove and thinking of the soup. Normally I wear a pair of lace up gym shoes around. I like the support and with the dogs you do want some sure footing. As it happened I recently got a pair of very well made deck shoes. They are a style by the Eastland Company which has great arch support and are kind of cute, but not as secure as a lace on shoe. When I put them on in the morning, I thought about wearing a heavier sock to make them tighter, but dismissed the idea as over thinking.

When I tripped, I fell out of my shoe, I caught myself I  thought, but somehow again got off balance and managed to grab for the stove and go down on my knee cap. Unfortunately my knee landed on the porcelain tile. The tile looks like slate and the surface is not smooth. I missed the big oriental style rug. As I continued down, my head landed in the dog dishes, just missing an antique table with a huge wrought iron double basket display piece which holds our Kuerig coffee cups. This odd shaped Victorian table has ancient tiny casters on it and the table graciously moved out of my way as I hit the dishes. The wrought iron baskets did not leave the surface of the table, probably being just heavy enough not to get flipped off.

I was in so much pain I felt like throwing up. I could not move, but my adrenaline allowed me to scream masterfully and the dogs heard me outside. They dragged my husband back to the house and he found me there just screaming, still laying on the floor. I could not get up. Yeah, I know all those, "I've fallen and I can't get up" jokes. Well, that is not exactly funny anymore. I could not get up.  We considered a number of options. After I calmed myself, I could sit up and my uninjured leg, though oddly angled was still functioning. The other leg, not so much. We iced it, the whole leg. We cut the pant leg to check the knee damage. It was cut in a minor way, already turning blue and swelling. The massive amounts of ice and the calm of taking control, helped me to think. I remembered some pain meds and we got one of those in me. As we worked on it, we noted I could move everything, I just could not seems to put any weight on anything. So we worked with what we knew and eventually my husband was able to lift me up under my arms, and using my less injured leg, I could stand. This process took over an hour.

Eventually we realized that the knee would not function properly but the icing helped control swelling and black and blue marks. Wrapped, the knee began to function. The ankle which originally did not feel like the priority did command attention. The huge bump on the side of the ankle went down but seemed to spread to the whole foot, swelling it hugely. 

We had an old cane from my husband's grandfather that had a sticker from the 1932 Chicago Century of Progress. My husband went to the barn and got the cane from some hidden spot and that cane is what also helped get me initially off the ground. Realizing that would not be enough and also not sure of how safe it would be after all these years, we got a footed cane, and the portable toilet apparatus that allows a higher seat and less strain for the knees. That turned out to be something we had to realize we needed after I spent some time on the toilet unable to get myself off of it. That was interesting.

Our sons came in for the weekend and they went to the medical supply store and got all the equipment. We called our regular physician and he prescribed some pretty good pain killers and now after a week, I might be able to actually get into a car and be driven to have some follow up exams and x-rays taken. Each day this past week I have experienced some progress but also some strange bruising on other parts of my body. Apparently in the effort to avoid the fall, and where I actually ended up, made me look like someone had cycled me in a dryer once or twice. I even had a splinter from something on my hand...

This was a lesson for me. I had tried to avoid the ice and slippery surfaces that the snow can bring with almost a paranoia. I have fallen before in the winter outside and my knees have issues anyway. I never thought that I would fall in my own home, as careful as I usually am. The dogs often are in my path, but I have taken my time and avoided any missteps. I must have just thought that since they were out, I had no concerns. 

When I mentioned that I had fallen, people automatically thought I had done so outside. It just goes to show you that accidents can happen anywhere and if you can, you should carry a cell phone to call for help. If my husband had not been there, and had come home at his regular time, I would have been on the floor about six hours, with no ice, no pain meds and might have been far worse off. Thank goodness for the angels who were watching and all who helped me survive this. My husband is a saint for sure, he really is.

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Comment by Sheila Luecht on January 19, 2013 at 3:55pm

Linda, I am doing so much better today, but still a ways to go. Thanks for reading.

Comment by Linda Seccaspina on January 19, 2013 at 8:54am

I have nearly done this a few time with the little dogs I look after when the kids are working at the hotel. I feel for you.



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