I thought once I retired I would be stress free! Wasn't it my job and that long commute that was causing me stress?? Once retired I would be living the good life; travelling, finding a beach and a margarita! Stress? Not me...that six letter word would be a thing of the past!

News flash! Stress is a part of life. Retirement brings a different set of stressors. I have dealt with the death of my mother and father and my own health concerns. I have also become a grandmother for the first time which is a joy beyond words.

All change includes a certain amount of stress. I tend to think of stress as the difference between the way you think life should be and the reality. To the degree that life does not match your expectations you will experience stress. How to deal with stress without having it kill you??? I have learned to "Let Go". Let go of the need to control the outcome. Live in the present and appreciate your accomplishments. Before my mother died she said to me "This is your time". I really wasn't feeling it at the time but I have since come to know the true meaning of these words. We only have a limited amount of time and we cannot afford to waste that time worrying about what ifs and how comes...treasure the present and embrace the future. This is my time to love those close to me and pursue my dreams to the best of my ability. This is my time to experience all that life has to offer and to risk being vulnerable and perhaps misunderstood. This is my time to say YES to life.

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Comment by Elizabeth Reynolds on November 29, 2012 at 7:56pm

wow...good for you Linda..you are an inspiration. and yes Shelley laughing is probably the most important thing!!!

Thanks for your comments and for relating!


Comment by Shelley Smith on November 29, 2012 at 7:44pm

Yessss!! and don't forget to laugh!

Comment by Linda Seccaspina on November 27, 2012 at 7:49pm
I have had cancer, a stroke and I am still kicking.. I agree.. live for today.


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