They who judge as God shall be punished in the fires of Hell.

They shall burn as the sinners they judge.

- John the Ninth at the First King's Trial

The great cities in the northern deserts discovered this; their priests, protected by the old gods, discovered this, the new God, angered by their disrespect, took them away with a puff of breath, dust in the wind and then nothing, as if they never existed.

The great masses of soldiers marched towards the cities of the new God, and in a blink of an eye, they were gone, even their foot steps in the sand wiped away by His hand.

The waters, sweetest in all the world, suddenly turned red; blood, poisoned, unfit to drink.

The people starved.

Disease struck and then, the cities fell into disorder, marks on history, nothing more.

The One, as He became known, punished those who would not follow The Law.

“My lord, the people, they call for relief!” T'hal, the adviser to the king, said, holding a cane in his left hand, keeping his stance straight. His diseased legs ready to fall off by a mere touch.

“This, GOD, the ONE, He is angry as no Old God could have been! How do we fight such a force?”

T'Hal shook his head.

“A king in the lands is a God himself, and still, there is nothing I can do!”

Ancient law decreed all kings, rulers of this world, the world of the mortals, was a god with such powers decreed by the Great King; Sirius.

Each king, when appointed, took the name Syrius, son of the Great King, the ancient god of the old cities.

“We dedicated your burial chamber to the New God, is this not enough for Him?”

Syrius sighed and shook his head.

“According to the priests, He demands complete devotion to Him and no other gods before Him. “

“What of the Old Gods? We cannot abandon Them to the desert winds, can we?”

“We cannot but we cannot keep at this pace, our cities are already in ruin; disease, madness, floods of blood and bile. We have lost this war. My father, Spirit to the Fires, cannot even help.”

The priests still prayed to the Old Ones. Sirius' ears were deaf, aged, too old to move away from the fires that kept Him warm.

His wives tried to revive him, His powers slipping into the cosmic winds.

“Hai! My father was right, age stays away for no one, even the Immortals...”

Alisha, Goddess of the Earth, and daughter to Syrius, stayed in the darkness, beyond the fire's reach.

“Souls cry for us to fight this rogue, this new God, the One!” She said to Her Father who was shivering more now. “We cannot ignore them Father!”

He sighed, the fires growing cold.

“We are losing the battle without even fighting. The people, misery sent by this One and We cannot do anything but stand by. Our priests, the giver of Our lives, are dying, not being replaced. Our temples fall into disrepair.”

“We can fight! Our powers are not that weak and Our forces are still mighty!”

Another sigh.

“Our forces are ghosts...”

“I am not ready to disappear into mist and die! I shall fight!” Alisha growled and left the room.

The world was dying.

Old men sat in the dusty streets, coughing up blood and cursing The One between them.

“We should pray harder to the Goddess; Great Mother can protect us!” one old man said, shaking his fist to the sky, still defiant even close to death.

“She will not listen to us, the priests offered Her the world and She stays quiet. The world!!!”

One old man stayed quiet and smiled.

“Why do you smile my friend? We are dying, this is the end and we are doomed!”

“I am not doomed, I am saved!”

The other men looked at him strangely.

“I will die, this is true, but I will be rewarded in Heaven.”

“BLASPHEMY!!!” the other yelled “If we could spare the energy to stand, we would kill you now!”

“The One has told me I am doomed in life, but in Heaven, I shall live as a glorious king!”

The others booed and shook their fists.

“Blasphemy! Mother shall doom you to the Pits for your traitorous deeds to this new god!” they spat on the ground in front of them. “A king? You will be feed to the dogs!! Suffer!!”

The old man just smiled and soon passed away.  

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Comment by Jason Giecek on January 12, 2014 at 4:38pm

~nod~ It is!! Lots of!! EEK!! :)

Comment by Linda Seccaspina on January 11, 2014 at 11:42pm

I swear tink.. misery is everywhere


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