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In celebration of our 100th blog post, we asked bloggers to tell us what they hope to be doing if they live to 100 years old.(it can be fictional or factual as long as it is appropriate and follows our guidelines). This week's challenge was called One Hundred Years Of Greatness
Congratulations to Linda S. for winning this week's challenge! And thanks to all the bloggers who participated. 
Read the winning blog here: 
[1] Linda S's 
When I'm 64:

This weeks writing challenge asked us to write about what you hope to be doing if you live to be 100. At one time the age of 60 seemed to be a destiny away-- now that I am 62 the end of my life seems all to uncomfortably close. One of my favourite movies “Peggy Sue Got Married” asks the ultimate question. If you could live your life all over again would you change anything? What would you say to the people you loved and lost? 


Last night in an endless dream I spent time with an older couple who I just could not seem to recognize.  I remembered the smells and the faces, yet I could not place them. We talked about life and families and how they loved everyone. They knew everything about me yet I was infuriated that I could not remember who they were.  Were they people I had met at a garage sale and had snapped pictures of? 


They sat on a blue couch with a sheer plastic cover and the Life magazines on the coffee table stared back at me. They asked me how I was feeling and I told them that I was fine now. Both of them told me that they had shed many tears watching me go through life and felt helpless. I looked into the woman’s eyes and remembered. I was talking to my grandmother but how could that be? She had died thirty six ago and how was she able to talk to me now?


My grandparents told me that I had made many wrong turns in life but was now on the right road. My grandmother beckoned me to the couch where she hugged me and we broke into tears. She told me to go upstairs and rest before supper...









Here is a round-up of all the other great entries:


It is the year 2071, I am still in my parent's basement writing horrible blogs and drinking grape Shasta but the future is grand.

Grape Shasta still only costs like 99 cents a bottle. 

There's 8 million channels on the television set and still nothing on but reality shows and infomercials.

Though the gladiator games on Fox are fairly interesting.

Wars are no longer televised as they got boring.

Therefore, with no media source to televise them, they just stopped.

Human beings stopped going outside and therefore, everyone loves each other, virtually of course.

The Internet is still an awesome place to find all kinds of information.







[3] Robby M.'s 
Should I Live A Full Century



As I have recently reached the plateau of 7 decades on the wonderful earth, I have oft posed the question to myself. Would I like to live to my 100th year?

Yes certainly but with a few parameters. I would require that my Health be good, My memory bank overflowing.

The capacity to walk, talk and to fend for myself.. perhaps a wee bit slower or a bit stooped.

I would dearly love to be 100 and have all my faculties. I wish to see my grandchildren married and happy as they begin new lives as adults. New careers , new adventures and perhaps Great Grandchildren.

I have many more places I wish to visit, people I wish to see perhaps for the last time.

I answer this weeks Blog with a resounding YES! ! !

One person who attained 101 was our late Queen Mother, she was a wonderful person who enjoyed her life to the fullest, She was still fly fishing in Scotland at the age of 100.

This blog is short and I hope sweet.

Robby McRobb 70 and counting.

***Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for next week's theme!


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Comment by Linda Seccaspina on November 27, 2013 at 2:30pm

Thanks Tink... love you!!

Comment by Jason Giecek on November 27, 2013 at 1:47pm

Conga-rats!!! :)


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