Writer Wednesday Round-Up #112: The Luck of The Shamrock

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This Weeks Theme:
You can write about something factual or fictional as long as it is appropriate and follows our guidelines. This week's challenge was called:The Luck of The Shamrock

Congratulations to Steve S. for winning this week's challenge! And thanks to all the bloggers who participated. 
Read the winning blog here: 


I claim no Irish genetic heritage. I can only hope some of the luck of the Shamrock has rubbed off on me. I think that’s likely, since my life’s path seems to run near the wide stream of Irish – American culture.


I have gained the luck of the shamrock through marriage. But I suspect I was moving toward the shamrock long before that.


I spent my teenaged years in suburban Chicago. Our native rite of spring was the annual St Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, when the Chicago River gets dyed Kelly green. My band appeared in the parade. We played a half-tempo arrangement of the song most commonly known as “Oh, Danny Boy”. Since this song had long ago become an international anthem for the Irish diaspora, the old Irish politicians who ran Chicago in those days awarded us a big trophy. That trophy stood taller than some of our band members, and is probably still on display somewhere in the high school.


I had no idea those parades would be the beginning of a lifelong connection to Irish heritage in North America.  I didn’t realize I would be able to characterize so much of what's important in my life through the story of corned beef and cabbage.


The corned beef and cabbage dinner is part of the story of the Irish and Jewish people in America. The Irish didn’t come to America with corned beef. The traditional Irish dinner was boiled bacon and cabbage. Irish immigrants in New York learned about corned beef from their Jewish neighbors. Corned beef dinners came to Ireland with the few Irish who eventually chose to return to their homeland.


Somehow, many of the Irish and Jewish people in North America have ended up married to each other, as inseparable as corned beef and cabbage. This has been memorialized in TV sitcoms. I think “Bridget Loves Bernie” was the worst of them all, but probably the truest. Most other mixed – marriage sitcoms after “I Love Lucy” were more timid and used a proxy for the mixed marriage (think “Mork and Mindy”).


If you make Bridget an insurance company accountant and Bernie an actuary, you pretty much have the story of how we met. Never seemed like a problem to us.


Both my sister and I married Irish Americans. My mom said that bringing these two Irish folks into the family has made our life more fun. As a bonus, we get good whiskey at family events

This must be the Luck of the Shamrock, because I can’t imagine how we could be luckier!




Here is a sneak peak of all the other great entries:



When I think of St. Patrick's Day I think of four leaf clovers that never seem to bring me any luck...



[3] Miryam B.'s The Luck of The Shamrocks


The Druids believe that the shamrock could give you powers.

Wish to have some powers? Close your eyes, evoke visions of the green landscape of emerald colour, and wait for your wish to come through...




 [3] Jason G.'s Monsters Under The Bed - A True Tale of Unlucky Monsters


Somewhere, out there, in the darkness, the beast lurks and slurps and wishes you would head off to bed, so it can devour your soul, and maybe get a tummy ache...




Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for next week's theme!



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Comment by Steve S on March 12, 2014 at 10:03pm

Thanks, Zoomers out there.

Jason - I like cake. . .

Comment by Jason Giecek on March 12, 2014 at 7:03pm

Conga-rats Steve!! Bear share cake with you!!!! :D

Comment by Linda Seccaspina on March 12, 2014 at 5:12pm

congrats steve


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