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At 9:35am on March 11, 2012, barbara craven said…

Good morning Virginia.  I think it's going to be a good week.  I just looked at the weather report and it's going up to 16 and 18 today.  That's a lot of eggs to peal.  Do you use a spoon to do it.  Someone, I can't remember who, told be about that a couple of years ago.  And after I role them around to break the shell, I put a spoon under and run it along the egg and the shell comes right off.  I guess your event is today  I hope it goes well.

I'm still resting most of the time in bed.  My body that is.  My mind is going full tilt with both my computers (I do have a desk top but it is old and I dodn't use it much any more.  I also have a lap top and a netbook which I have on a stand and table by the bed and I work on them all day, mostly doing races and posting my picture on the other site I told you about.  I has helped me from getting bored.  I bought myself three little pots of spring flowers the other day.  One is tulips, one is daffodils and crocuses and one is a hyacynth.  The local Foodland had them on for 3 for 5. I bought them when they were in tight bloom and they are just opening now.  It's like having a little bit of my garden right here beside me.  I forgot about turning the clocks ahead last night, so I guess it's 9:30.  I guess I should get up and find some breakfast. You have a good day now.


At 9:33am on February 25, 2012, barbara craven said…

Good morning Virginia.

What a wonderful surprise to get such praise on a day when I needed it.  This incapacity I'm trying to get over (blood clots on my lung) is driving me crazy because I have to stay in bed so long to let my lung recover..  I'm glad my photos gave you some pleasure.  I've just looked at yours.  You have a good eye.  I see.  If you would like, I could show you how to make them even greater with a little cropping and lightening they would become great.  I too live alone with now just one cat - Ruff.He had  a sibling, a calico named Callie.  She died about this time last year while I was away and he still misses her terribly.  He is now 17, so he's always had a companion .  He's too old to introduce a new one in, so it's just him and me.  If you are interested in doing more with your photography, maybe you would like to look at a site I've been having an interesting time with lately called 'FanArtReview.  Photographers of all levels post their pics and everyone reviews and make suggestions about them.  It is a very supportive group  and you can acquire a mentor, or in turn mentor other just starting newbies. If you care to see what I have posted up there my name is Butterfly77.

Also, if you are lonely and want to talk, I have Skype.  Let me know. You sound like you need a friend to talk to.

Take care and thanks for brightening up my day.


At 12:14pm on February 5, 2012, barbara craven said…

Hi Virginia. Thanks for the invite.  I'd love to be your friend.  I haven't been on Z much, but I might be here more often now due to some unforeseen circumstances.


At 8:57am on January 17, 2012, barbara craven said…

Morning Virginia.

How wonderful to see your first grandchild.  I know you will have a great time.  Enjoy.

At 9:20am on January 16, 2012, barbara craven said…

Hi Virginia.
Your welcome. I'm glad you are enjoying the old houses. Almost of my old house pictures have been taken in Saratoga Springs New York. I go there every summer with my son to the race track which is the oldest in North America. We stay with friends who live in this old part of the town. In my off moments there I enjoy walking around just shooting pictures of all the different ones.
We can try again with your profie picture if you want. Just let me know. I can send you screen shots of what to do if you give me an email I can attach them to. Take care. Barbl

At 3:07pm on December 2, 2011, John D said…

Yes Virginia, I do use a zoom lens... wouldn't be without one. The shots of the nest were taken at 300mm (the extent of the zoom).

At 10:52am on December 1, 2011, John D said…

Hi Virginia,

Welcome to the photography group :).

Barb gave a good answer.... let us know if you have any trouble.


At 9:11am on December 1, 2011, barbara craven said…

Hi Virginia

I saw your comment on photography about adding a picture to your profile.  If you hover your mouse over the non picture on your page, a message should come up saying change your profile picture.  click on that and you will get to where you can upload a pic.  be sure it's not too large though.  Good luck.  Barb Craven

At 6:58pm on October 24, 2011, Krystyna said…
Hi Virginia, thanks for befriending me. Sorry I took so long to reply.  I'm not on Zoomers that often.  Gee, we seem to have a lot in common.


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